Banking Innovation of the Month

Switcho by Intesa Sanpaolo

Qorus-Accenture’s Banking Innovation of the Month award for May goes to Switcho, a free in-app service enabling customers to compare, change and optimize utility bills with ease through a 100% digital journey.

We're launching Mobility Community

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During the launching event, we talked to speakers from Tesla, Generali, ALD Automotive and CA Autobank!

Reinvent Forum Milan

Banking & Insurance Innovation Convergence

From 14 to 16 June 2023, take part in a game-changing event, where experts from all over the world will gather to discuss the latest trends and strategies in banking and insurance.

SME Banking Awards 2023

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Discover now the final list of nominees who have made it through our selection committee's rigorous shortlisting process and help us decide who will make it to top 3 this year!

Most recent News & Articles

Digital Reinvention
01/06/2023 Article

Digital transformation trends: Speed is just the beginning

Digital banking transformation requires banks and credit unions to rethink previous ideas about being flexible and being able to pivot quickly. Speed is just the beginning. The value of digital banking transformation also requires banking organizations to scale for growth.

31/05/2023 News

How Nationwide and Ford integrate technology to enhance customer experience and reward safe drivers in the U.S.

Telematics data, such as GPS information and vehicle diagnostics, provides unique insights into driving behavior and potentially better pricing for...

Digital Reinvention
31/05/2023 Interview

Fibabanka reinvents consumer finance by taking the bank where the customers are

In Turkey, Fibabanka created a stir with the launch of its BNPL Alışgidiş solution and the merchant ecosystem that accompanies...

Digital Reinvention
30/05/2023 Interview

City Savings Bank: Digital transformation as a tool to provide the best customer service

Manuel G. Santiago, Jr. is the President of City Savings Bank, a major thrift bank in the Philippines. He plays...

Digital Reinvention
30/05/2023 News

AI-powered lender Qred to be Europe’s newest bank

Qred, the fastest growing fintech company in Sweden, is proud to announce that it has been granted a full license...

Digital Reinvention
30/05/2023 News

Introducing the Venmo Teen Account

Parents and legal guardians can now open a Venmo Teen Debit Card and a Venmo account for teenagers 13 to...

29/05/2023 News

WTW introduces new financial product to protect intangible assets

Identifying a gap in coverage, WTW’s innovative strategy leads to a new solution to address the unmet coverage needs of...

Most recent Studies & Reports

Digital Reinvention
23/05/2023 Study

How intelligent automation can accelerate digital transformation and ROI

By seeing IA as a pillar of digital transformation, banks can achieve extraordinary outcomes. They can eliminate hundreds of thousands...

SME Banking
16/05/2023 Study

The rise of the gig economy: An opportunity not to be missed by financial institutions

As the gig economy continues to grow, it raises important questions about the future of work. What if the traditional...

Digital Reinvention
09/05/2023 Study

Banca Widiba: Serving digital first customers

There are banks like the Italian Banca Widiba, an online bank for sure, but a bank with the required skills...

Digital Reinvention
03/05/2023 Study

Innovation radar: Guerrilla banking – Physical distribution without branches

To be more present in the physical world, neobanks and challenger banks must be creative to compete with the leading...

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01 Jun 2023
01/06/2023 Webinar

Innovation in Retail Banking 2023

The 14th edition of the ‘Innovation in Retail Banking’ report involved senior executives from over 650 global banks and financial institutions participate in a survey to identify innovation trends in retail banking.

Sustainability & Regulation
06 Jun 2023
06/06/2023 Coffee

Latest Trends & Innovations in Climate Risk Management

“Climate change presents significant financial risks” according to leading regulators and they demand banks to take actions accordingly. What are the key lessons learned so far and main 2023 attention points for Climate Risk Management?

14 Jun 2023
16 Jun 2023
14/06/2023 Conference

Reinvent Forum Milan

Join us for the Reinvent Forum in Milan on 14-16 June - the must-attend event for senior professionals from the financial services industry. Over the course of three days, we put together the perfect program to guide you through the emerging trends in the financial industry and allow you to...

27 Jun 2023
27/06/2023 Webinar

Balancing human and digital

This webinar will explore Qorus-Avanade research into how human touch builds customer trust and being truly human in your banking is the basis of real differentiation.

28 Jun 2023
28/06/2023 Coffee

From owning vehicles to using vehicles: growing financing needs

The traditional model of car ownership is rapidly evolving, as consumers seek greater flexibility and convenience in their transportation choices. Usage-based models offer a new way of accessing cars without the costs and responsibilities of traditional ownership. Sharing economy also represents a significant challenge for financial institutions. As the shift...

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