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Qorus-Accenture’s Banking Innovation of the Month award for August goes to VAI Cognitive Services 2.0, a cutting-edge project that democratizes AI implementation and affirms VakifBank’s position at the forefront of AI innovation in the financial services industry.

The Great Reinvention: The Global Digital Banking Radar 2023

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Based on a global survey and a series of executive interviews this study aims to provide an in-depth look at the fundamental and transformational changes in banking that are happening on a global scale.

Qorus-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards

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The awards, which honor the best ideas and practices transforming the industry for the benefit of insurers and customers, attracted more than 350 entries from 43 countries, with applicants ranging from agile start-ups to the world’s largest financial institutions.

Most recent News & Articles

SME Banking
23/09/2023 News

Building the future of SME credit decisioning: Key factors and principles

Jared Chebib, Partner, Financial Services Consulting at EY, delves into the complex world of contemporary SME lending and shed light on the key drivers and principles that underpin the next-generation credit decisioning framework.

22/09/2023 Interview

NewTech Friday: Verra Mobility – Making transportation safer and easier

US company Verra Mobility is a global leader in smart transportation. Its CFO Craig Conti presents the company and tells...

Digital Reinvention
21/09/2023 Article

The science of self-disruption

In today’s business world, disruption is the name of the game. Regardless of the industry, disruption is becoming an important...

20/09/2023 News

CBA partners with Tesla Australia to promote the shift towards electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) were the fastest growing vehicle purchase in Australia last financial year.

Sustainability & Regulation
20/09/2023 Article

No clarity on US crypto regulation

The US SEC has launched a regulatory clampdown on the crypto industry in response to the FTX collapse, but the...

Digital Reinvention
20/09/2023 News

Morgan Stanley leads Wall Street into the generative AI age

Morgan Stanley has embraced the generative AI revolution on Wall Street, unveiling an AI assistant powered by OpenAI's advanced software....

19/09/2023 News

Direct Line Group introduces car management app Caha!

Caha!, the ultimate car management app by British insurer Direct Line Group, is now available on Android and iOS.

Most recent Studies & Reports

06/09/2023 Study

Weathering the storm: Climate change's impact on home insurance rates

In this report, we’ll delve into the factors driving up home insurance rates and explore case studies of affected US...

Digital Reinvention
08/08/2023 Study

A fistful of profits – the good, the bad, and the ugly of savings and investing

A revolution led by fintechs and banks emerges as a trusty steed, bridging the gap and leading individuals towards newfound...

Digital Reinvention
03/08/2023 Study

Call center analytics: Mining the power of data

This study by Emirates NBD and Qorus demonstrates how advanced analytics operating on existing data assets can enable a critical...

Sustainability & Regulation
27/07/2023 Study

Climate risk and banks’ portfolio decarbonization: Global outlook and trends

The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), comprising over 550 global financial institutions committed to fully decarbonizing their portfolios...

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26 Sep 2023
26/09/2023 Webinar

SaaS green tech: Interests and opportunities for banking sector

Wavestone published a study on French SaaS GreenTech market that will be presented during the webinar. Beyond their traditional activities, financial institutions are more and more requested by their clients to support them in their ecological transition by providing tools and services to evaluate themselves and to trigger action plans....

27 Sep 2023
27/09/2023 Coffee

Revolutionizing the auto industry: exploring the transformative effects of distribution changes on financing, insurance, and leasing

The automotive sector is experiencing swift changes, largely propelled by technological advancements, evolving consumer preferences, and emerging business strategies. It is vital for financial institutions to comprehend and respond to these transformations - as new distribution models arise, new financing and insurance prospects, as well as potential risks, emerge.

28 Sep 2023
28/09/2023 Webinar

Unleashing the power of customer experience: Designing for client needs and expectations

Join us for an engaging and insightful event that will empower you to transform your organization's client engagement approach.

11 Oct 2023
12 Oct 2023
11/10/2023 Conference

Reinvent Forum Dubai

Innovative journeys and improved customer experiences

Digital Reinvention
18 Oct 2023
18/10/2023 Coffee

The Convergence of Data & AI: Empowering the future of financial services

Join us in exploring the transformative power of data in shaping the future of banking and financial services.

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