Learning from Rich Strike: Insurers must prepare to help SMBs come from behind

SME Banking Community
30/06/2022 Article
Denise Garth Majesco Chief Strategy Officer

The Kentucky Derby and Rich Strike – what an amazing combo! Even if you don’t follow horse racing, it would be difficult to miss the come-from-behind story of Rich Strike, the against-all-odds (literally 85-to-1 odds) horse that won the 2022 Kentucky Derby last weekend. Rich Strike was a long shot in more ways than one. He was entered at the last minute by an owner, Richard Dawson, who had thought he was out of horse racing, and trained by a trainer, Eric Reed, who had lost 23 horses in a devastating stable fire. His rider, Sonny Leon, was highly acclaimed but never ran in such a high-profile race. It was the kind of story that will someday make another great horse racing movie like Seabiscuit and Secretariat, but for now … it’s just the story of hard-working people with a great horse, making success happen through a vision, plan, perseverance, and teamwork.

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