The great transformation of retail banking in Africa: Orabank Guinea

28/07/2022 interview
Carlos Mevi Orabank Managing Director

Carlos Mevi is Managing Director of Orabank Guinea. He shares his experience and vision in this interview conducted for a Qorus-Sopra/Axway study on digital transformation in African banks that will be published in the second half of 2022.

If you serve very different customer segments in your home market, do you do so under specific banners (or brands) or with highly differentiated service lines? If so, how?

In our domestic market, we serve our customer segments with highly differentiated ranges of services. To better adapt our services to the needs of our client segments, we have two marketing departments, each dedicated to a type of segment. We have the DCPP (private and professional clients) and the DCEI (corporate and institutional clients). Each segment has its own sales approach and adapted service offers. This is reflected in the ranges of product, which are different for each segment.

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