Celebrating 2nd anniversary, Mox more than doubles customer base to almost 400,000 customers

22/09/2022 News

Mox Bank turns two as the virtual bank celebrates a year of achievements. Strong customer enthusiasm and support helped Mox double its customer base and receive over 50 awards while retaining its helm as the top mobile banking app in Asia and Hong Kong.

Barbaros Uygun, CEO of Mox, said: “Mox owes its continued success to the belief of our almost 400,000 customers. The past year’s results show that we are on the right track, creating a solid foundation for further growth.”

Two years of milestone achievements

The industry continues to take note of Mox’s past year’s achievements on “reimagining banking” in Hong Kong. It was named the most recommended¹ and trusted² virtual bank in Hong Kong, according to YouGov’s surveys. The Bank was also named the number one Mobile Banking app in Asia by Sia Partners³ and is the number one rated virtual bank app in Hong Kong on the Apple App Store⁴. It also collected close to 50 awards worldwide, highlighting the strong, trusted relationship with its growing customer base.

More customers now use Mox. Its customer base more than doubled from 160,000 when it celebrated its first anniversary to almost 400,000 today. During this growth period, Mox refreshed the app with new features to keep up with broadening needs and expectations. Mox has offered over HKD100 million in rewards to customers since launch. Our credit lines has grown by 5 times and credit balances has increased by 22 times in the last 12 months.

Mox aims to become a global benchmark for digital banking

As Mox turns two, it is broadening its ambitions. Uygun added, “Mox is looking to lead in credit cards, digital lending, and the soon-to-be-launched digital wealth services. Our strong Net Promotor Scores show that customer loyalty and engagement remain high as we continue to listen to their evolving needs. With their support, we are also broadening our goals to become the global benchmark for banking.”

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