Data analytics 2022: Groupe BPCE

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12/01/2023 Interview
Luc Barnaud Banque Populaire (BPCE Group) Chief Data Officer

Luc Barnaud, Chief Data Officer of Groupe BCPE, talks about his company and its data analytics strategy.

What is your role and the scope of your responsibilities within the company? Are you responsible for all data analytics initiatives within the company and who are your internal customers? (Divisional, Business Units, Groups/functions such as IT, ESG, Legal, Marketing, Finance, Risk, etc.)

Two years ago, Groupe BPCE entered a phase of acceleration of its data transformation. In order to support this new dynamic, a data department, which is transverse to all the Group's establishments – and for which I am responsible – has been created with a governance structure and dedicated teams. For each data project, it brings together a business owner from the Group's business lines, a product owner and data scientists from the data unit, and a tech lead from the IT development teams. This organization, which is specific to our Group, enables us to exploit the full potential of all our data to improve its use for the benefit of our customers, our employees and our banking businesses. 

In banking, data is an integral part of our business: our activity is largely immaterial and generates a lot of data, in this case from our customers. But this raw data will only bring value and ultimately enable us to make better decisions, serve our customers better and be more efficient if it is transformed and enriched. And this enhancement of data requires a collective effort between data expertise, technological expertise and business expertise, all of which make the data intelligent and intelligible. I am therefore required to work very closely with all the stakeholders within the Group: Banque Populaire and Caisse d'Epargne, the central business lines (risk, finance, HR, etc.) and the IT teams. It’s a collective, cross-functional effort structured around a community of some 50 data managers, a network that supports and relays the work of the data sector in the Group's establishments, who are my day-to-day reference points. 

Our expertise in the data sector is essentially distributed, and it is key to have the right expertise close to the Group's establishments and core businesses. However, for greater operational efficiency – to avoid duplicating similar initiatives, and to accelerate deployment on a scale of uses thanks to cross-functional foundations – and to control risks through protection of personal data, we are pooling centers of excellence for rare resources and a certain number of major programs, such as the governance and quality control of raw data, product management of the community data platform (consisting of data storage and display areas integrated with data processing tools, facilitating access to and sharing of data processing within the Group), management of customer consent for responsible data processing, design and management of cross-functional use cases such as the personalization of customer relations or fraud prevention, and data democratization and acculturation measures.

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