Pravex Bank: Banking in wartime

Digital Reinvention
06/02/2023 Interview
profile picture of Andrea Urgolo Andrea Urgolo Pravex-Bank Head of Digital Transformation

Andrea Urgolo is Chief Innovation & Digital Transformation Officer at Pravex Bank, the Ukrainian subsidiary of IntesaSanpaolo. Almost a year after the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he gives us his testimony about his experience and his job as a banker in a time of very serious crisis, and tells us about the incredible achievements of Pravex Bank in coping with such a complicated situation.

When a country is affected by war, as is currently the case in Ukraine, what are the main customer needs?

Well, wars come in many forms, from a skirmish to a localized conflict to a full-scale invasion like the one in Ukraine we all are facing now.

After the initial shock at such unexpected and unprovoked aggression, all citizens of Ukraine had to face a number of issues, from purchase of essential goods, to protection of their savings, to supporting friends and family who are in distress. 

All these activities which are part of basic financial needs in peace times have become overnight extremely difficult if not impossible in some areas of the country. Just think how a simple cash withdrawal can become a dangerous adventure while rockets fly around you…

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