Agency Revolution leverages mobile AI engine and ChatGPT to launch social media app for the insurance industry

28/03/2023 News

Agency Revolution, which provides websites and marketing automation software for insurance agencies, just launched an AI-powered social media app that enables insurance carriers and agents to create and distribute content to connect with and educate consumer and business clients and prospects quickly and easily.

The new solution uses ChatGPT and Vestorly, a content curation platform acquired by FMG, Agency Revolution's parent company, in 2022. The combination enables agents to deliver content that matches their personal and professional interests while activating ChatGPT to add AI-generated posts, which increase social interactions. Insurance carriers can also use the platform to push content to agents, enabling them to select the information they want to use, adjust as needed, and post from their phones. The platform is also available for financial advisors, announced by FMG last week.

"There's real excitement in the insurance industry about the opportunities with AI and significant buzz around ChatGPT. While many ideas will take a long time to develop, agents and carriers can use our solution to generate relevant and personalized social content right now," said Jason Walker, President, Agency Revolution.

"Adopting social media solutions is challenging, because many tools require too much time and effort from agents and advisors," adds Dave Christensen, Chief Product Officer of FMG. "We have blended two game-changing solutions—Vestorly and ChatGPT—for users to automatically generate and personalize engaging posts, creating a better, more efficient way to engage their clients and prospects."

The mobile app benefits from the experience and market leadership of FMG and Agency Revolution. It is built on the firm's Curator platform, which incorporates compliance requirements and social media best practices. Using questions to engage readers, including bullets and emojis, summarizing key points, and including hashtags, the platform humanizes agents' and advisors' posts. Future phases will enable enhanced personalization based on preferences for tone, length, and formatting: a digital voice print that will be added to the agency profile and can be applied to any content on the platform.

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