Bowtie unveils tailored Insurance plans for pre-retirees

30/09/2023 News

Bowtie, a digital insurance pioneer, has unveiled specialized medical insurance plans for those aged 50 and above, addressing the dual challenges of income loss and group insurance termination as retirement approaches.

Sustainability & Regulation
14/03/2023 Article

Climate change's impacts on life and health insurance

Critical health concerns for the 50+ age group

Research highlights five key health risks for individuals aged 50 and above:

• Colorectal cancer: An annual average of 5,000 cases and a 40% fatality rate between 2016-2020.

• Heart disease: 6,561 heart disease-related deaths in 2020, accounting for 13% of total deaths.

• Stroke: 3,165 stroke-related deaths in 2020, representing over 6% of total deaths.

• Diabetes: Approximately one in ten individuals in Hong Kong has diabetes, with associated complications.

• Hypertension (high blood pressure): Around two-thirds of those aged 60 and above have high blood pressure.

Insurance solutions for 50+ individuals

To address the retirement protection gap, Bowtie offers comprehensive medical insurance tailored for this age group:

Product: Bowtie Flexi (Regular) + Gleneagles Hospital Wellness Package

• No deductible, full reimbursement: Eliminates the need for retirees to cover deductibles or medical expenses.

• Free annual health check-up: Includes a complimentary comprehensive annual health check-up valued at up to $2,720.
Bowtie's specialized insurance options provide vital protection without overburdening the finances of pre-retirees. These offerings empower individuals aged 50 and above to navigate their health challenges with confidence, reinforcing Bowtie's commitment to secure and confident retirements.

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