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Digital Reinvention
27/11/2023 News

Kabuni unveils 'Kabuni Wizard' Web3 learning platform and 'Learn-to-Earn' crypto 'Kabuni Coin'

Kabuni is transforming education with the launch of Kabuni Wizard, a Web3 learning platform, and Kabuni Coin, a learn-to-earn cryptocurrency. Geared towards children aged 8 to 18, Kabuni Wizard utilizes spatial computing, AI, and blockchain to create a personalized and boundary-breaking educational experience.

Digital Reinvention
26/11/2023 News

GXBank launches beta version: Malaysia's first digital bank

The beta release, exclusively available to 20,000 Malaysians, follows GXBank's early approval to commence digital banking operations, bypassing the operational...

SME Banking
25/11/2023 News

Trafalgar and Thought Machine join forces to pioneer fintech for Mexican SMEs

The collaboration aims to introduce Mexico's inaugural fintech solution for SMEs, utilizing Thought Machine's core banking platform, Vault Core.

SME Banking
24/11/2023 Interview

NewTech Friday: creditshelf – Shaping digital SME financing

In this interview, we sit down with Daniel Bartsch, Co-Founder and CFO of creditshelf, Germany's leading digital SME financer, to...

23/11/2023 Video

Monta's vision for EV charging and beyond

Kevin Spangenberg, Expansion Manager at Monta, outlines the software platform's current financial services, including the Monta Wallet, while also presenting...

20/11/2023 News

Zelros unveils the Insurance Copilot: Transforming decision support for insurance professionals

Leveraging the power of Generative AI, Zelros Copilot becomes an invaluable asset, aiding agents in making swift, informed decisions that...

17/11/2023 Interview

NewTech Friday: – Pioneering online car parking deals in Hong Kong

Josh Wong, CEO of, explores their journey from a car park operator to a pioneering online platform revolutionizing the...

Open Finance
13/11/2023 Article

bKash: Pioneering financial inclusion in Bangladesh

Bangladesh's journey toward economic progress and poverty reduction has been impressive. Still, in a nation of 169 million, a staggering...


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