• 08 Feb

Wednesday 8th February

10:00 AM CET - 11:40 AM CET

Exploring new business models – from universal banking to the neo banks

Digital Reinvention
Best Practice Forum

The neobank moment is upon us. After crashing onto the financial services scene the past decade, digital-only banks have made their mark on the industry, appealing to the next generation of customers while forcing traditional banks to raise their digital games or be left behind. Now, the challenge facing these banks is moving from disruptive upstarts to established players. The journey to achieving that status may differ depending on the country, but for all of them, they will need to become profitable and continue their growth. How to successfully do it? 


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profile picture of David Jimenez Maireles David Jimenez Maireles TNEX Chief Experience Officer and Deputy CEO
profile picture of Ana Canela Prat Ana Canela Prat imagin Chief Growth & Engagement Officer
profile picture of Roberto Ferrari Roberto Ferrari Qorus Digital Reinvention Community Lead
profile picture of Nic Merriman Nic Merriman Avanade Head of Banking and Capital Markets for Europe
profile picture of Hubert Petka Hubert Petka RFI Global Global Head of Consumer, Digital and Segment for data-driven strategic insights provider


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