26/09/2022 masterclass

A recurring discussion and debate in all innovation departments, ‘moonshots’, incubators, and accelerators is how to create commercially successful fintech - bank partnerships that deliver on their promises and meet the wider bank objectives as well as customer value add. This often-elusive coupling, should be pretty straightforward; a win-win-win for fintech, bank and customers, but somehow, it continues to challenge all parties, putting a strain on human and financial resources, risking reputational impact for fintechs and banks, and delaying the arrival of truly innovative products and solutions to meet customer needs. Most of the key pieces of the puzzle are already in known, so how can they be pieced together to form the ideal partnership.  In this masterclass, you will explore and understand how these partnerships came to be, what format they take, what is going wrong…and right, and how to ensure that your bank generates better returns above and below the line as a result of partnering with fintechs.

The sessions will explore the business models for partnering, the infrastructure and technologies required, the human resource, roles, and responsibilities for success, metrics, monitoring and mentoring needed for clarity and alignment in partnerships, costs and communications, and of course, customer driven reasoning for partnering in the first place.

You’ll discover what can be done to help smooth out the legal and compliance side of partnering with fintechs, and the ideal timeline for all parties to map out and navigate before, during and after contracts being signed. 


What will you get out of this Masterclass?

  • You will learn about the key concepts of fintech – bank partnerships and their role in mutually beneficial commercial engagement
  • You will be able to identify business challenges and opportunities as they relate to fintech – bank partnerships, as well as how they can impact customer engagement and bottom-line profitability
  • You will be able to describe the key partnership models for successful collaboration 
  • You will understand the need for clear and regular communication in a partnership
  • You will be able to explain the people, processes and procedures involved in different partnership models
  • You will have a clearer understanding of the need to measure, monitor and exercise remedial action when needed
  • You will understand how the procurement and reporting process can go from an obstacle to an enabler with the right adjustments
  • You’ll think in a more 360 degree way about risk and reputation 
  • Practical solutions ready to be implemented in everyday business
  • Global peer collaboration and networking
  • Certificate of completion           




Practical information

  • Course Duration

    3-hour long sessions on each of the 3 days

    starts at 10:00 CET / 13:00 Dubai time / 17:00 Singapore time 

  • Platform

    Online meeting hosted on MS Teams



  • €900 for Member
  • €1,350 for Non-member

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