• 06 Oct 2020
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  • 08 Oct 2020

Tuesday 12:00 PM to Thursday 12:00 PM

Learning Expedition Amsterdam

Learning expedition

Qorys invites you to Amsterdam for an incredible opportunity to get involved in a wide range of ‘hands-on’ experiences and interactive activities that you won’t find anywhere else!

As the capital city of one of the founding countries of the European Union and home to a strong financial industry, Amsterdam has a rich history of financial innovation. The world’s first central bank was established here, as was the first joint-stock company.

Today, with 50+ banks, a finance sector that provides over 200,000 jobs, and a thriving FinTech scene, the city is a genuine hub for financial institutions. Thanks to a dynamic environment with all the necessary ingredients for companies to flourish, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s leading financial centers.

The following key topics will be covered at the three-day October event:

  • Future of Banking
  • Financial Innovation
  • Payment Innovation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Open Banking

Crucial to staying influential in today’s competitive landscape, bankers need to understand how to transform, innovate, and create new lines of business. Attendees will be treated to leading-edge case studies, on-site visits, and get to explore the latest in financial innovations.

This exclusive event is reserved for up to 25 executives, so book your place now to ensure you don’t miss out!


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