27/04/2021 webinar

People, not companies, generate value. In the process of transformation and conquering business challenges, financial institutions need people that are well prepared and engaged in creating success.

Managing talent well has become crucial for finding opportunity in the midst of change, as leaders must shape a workforce with the skills to deliver on strategy now and in the future. The key to success is a talent-first mindset. Too many organizations go from initiation to implementation without thinking about the talent required. By putting talent first, the human resources function becomes a true driver of business value. Many institutions establish talent management as a distinct competitive advantage, matching talent to where the most value is at stake. By delivering on dynamic talent allocation, closing skills gaps, and transforming core systems, organizations build the talent capabilities they need to sustain and scale impact.

The objective of the webinar is to inspire and share good practices in creating an effective talent management strategy.

In this webinar we will discuss the following: 
- defining talent in the institution
- developing and implementing an effective talent management strategy plan
- talent management strategies that unlock potential, prepare employees for the next steps in their careers and focus on their engagement
- finding and hiring the right people




Reinvent Forum Barcelona

Be a part of the conversation breaking down the traditional banking models as well as the Innovation Route guided by the minds behind the project of Caixa Bank Innovation.