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Digital Reinvention
09 Nov 2022
09/11/2022 Coffee

Machine learning: Transforming the banking industry from inside

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are having major impacts in the world of financial services. Financial institutions are aware of the potential of these technologies and are already exploring how advanced analytics could enable them to streamline operations, improve product offerings and enhance customer experiences.

Digital Reinvention
07 Sep 2022
07/09/2022 Coffee

How to revamp financial services: a journey towards digital renovation

Digital Transformation has been the hot buzz term for the past years in our space and it is only building...

16 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022
16/06/2022 Conference

Reinvent Forum: The Future of Financial Services

It's not new that financial institutions need to

15 Mar 2022
16 Mar 2022
15/03/2022 Conference

World Retail Banking Summit 2022

Efma is thrilled to announce the 8th edition of its flagship global physical event

29 Jun 2021
29/06/2021 Webinar

Organizational culture in a successful financial institution

Organizational culture in a successful financial institution

10 Jun 2021
10/06/2021 Webinar

Webinar: World Insurance Report 2021

The insurance industry’s distribution landscape is evolving rapidly with an increasing demand for insurance coverage, changing customer preferences, entry of...

08 Jun 2021
08/06/2021 Webinar

Webinar: World FinTech Report 2021

Covering banking in the FinTech era, the

27 Apr 2021
27/04/2021 Webinar

Overcoming talent management challenges on the path to business success

People, not companies, generate value. In the process of transformation and conquering business challenges, financial institutions need people that are...


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