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One click brings you the expertise of a global community! 


Experience the knowledge of top senior executives, founders of innovative companies, and all those who lead the way in financial services! 

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Digital Reinvention
06/07/2022 Interview

Metaverse: Any bank that is 'establishing a presence’ is doing it for PR

Alex Jimenez, Managing Principal at EPAM's Financial Services Consulting, shares his perspective on the relevance and financial market potential of...

Digital Reinvention
31/10/2022 Article

How, where and why embedded insurance is an innovation for our industry

Embedded insurance is not a new concept but it has fully emerged with the digitalization of many businesses. Online commerce...

Sustainability & Regulation
29/06/2022 Interview

Finance with a purpose: The age of stakeholder capitalism has come

The world is going downhill. But change is inevitable – and change for the better is possible. Above all, it...

Digital Reinvention
06/02/2023 Interview

Pravex Bank: Banking in wartime

Andrea Urgolo is Chief Innovation & Digital Transformation Officer at Pravex Bank, the Ukrainian subsidiary of IntesaSanpaolo, and a member...

Open Finance
03/08/2022 Interview

Commerzbank: Open banking comes with far more opportunities than PSD2 has outlined

Christoph Berentzen is Head of API & Open Banking at Commerzbank. He tells Qorus about the German’s bank strategy and...

Digital Reinvention
13/03/2023 Interview

Banking in APAC: Where are the banks and where are they going?

Asia is attracting a lot of interest from financial services executives as the continent seems to be way ahead of...