We are Qorus

We help banks and insurers to reinvent themselves to thrive.

What we do

We are a catalyst for reinvention for our financial services members by helping them to go further, be faster and work together.

Our global ecosystem brings together valuable insights, inspiring events, rich data and active global communities all in one place. 
Qorus combines radical ideas and traditional thinking. Enables deep experience to meet new challenges. Fuses human needs with digital potential. Brings great minds together. 


Qorus helps you drive reinvention by connecting you with the relevant people, organizations and ideas.

Our Journey

For over 50 years, we’ve been a cornerstone of the financial services industry.


Much has changed since we first started, and the pace of change has accelerated too. We needed to transform and reinvent our Efma to ensure that we can in turn help our members to reinvent. 


So Efma is now called Qorus. 


Qorus helps you drive reinvention by connecting you with the relevant people, organizations and ideas. Our 50 years of experiences means Qorus has diverse knowledge and best practice as well as global reach. Members can access an innovation library of over 6,000 case studies, reach colleagues and experts at 1,200 financial brands in 120 countries.


Ready to join the Qorus?


We help banks and insurers to reinvent themselves to thrive.


We curate inspiring and innovative projects, technology and ideas so individuals, teams and organisations can collectively create the future of financial services.


We’re a catalyst for reinvention, improving revenue generation, creating efficiencies, redefining customer experiences and forming profitable relationships.


We're a neutral space where members unite to share, learn and collaborate, thinking freely to solve problems through an ecosystem of unique, specialist communities.

Our Chairman

profile picture of Jean-Marc Pailhol

Jean-Marc Pailhol

Allianz Partners

Allianz Partners Board member & GSP Chief Officer

Jean-Marc Pailhol joined Allianz in 2009 as Head of Distribution and a board member of Allianz France. He has led the tied agents, brokers and salary sales force networks to optimize their efficiency and productivity selling all lines of business for six years. He has deeply transformed the distribution organization and directly contributed to improving the performance of the company in terms of client portfolio, GWP growth, and COR improvement to take Allianz France from 350 million OP in 2010 to 1 billion in 2016.

He took the position of Head of Group market management in 2016 in charge of Allianz Brand awareness and reputation, marketing partnerships, customer experience, and sales methodology. In 2019, 74 % of the Allianz OES were above the market on the NPS measurement instead of 47% in 2016. At the same time, the Allianz Brand moved up seven spots in the Interbrand ranking to become the leader in the insurance industry in 43rd position overall in 2019. Jean-Marc also negotiated and signed the IOC partnership to make Allianz one of the 14 Top partners of the Olympic and Paralympic movement. Since January 2020, he has been Head of Global Strategic Partnerships and a board member of Allianz Partners.

Before joining Allianz, Jean-Marc Pailhol spent 21 years in the banking sector at board level working for several French Groups on business development, marketing, and audit. In 2004, he led the work on creating the Postal Bank in France as Head of Banking activities for the French Postal Group.


profile picture of John Berry

John Berry



John Berry is Qorus´s CEO since April 2020, while his relationship with the organisation goes back some 25 years, ranging from expert speaker to more recently Senior Advisor role.


John is a former Retail CEO at Abbey National (now part of Santander) in the UK. During his time there, roles included Marketing Director, European Director (for France, Spain and Italy), Transformation Director as well as Senior Distribution roles. He received international recognition for customer-centric innovations such as Costa Coffee and Branch Franchising. 


In recent years he has developed a global reputation through his own business within the industry for work in consulting and training with retail banks worldwide. He´s a renowned expert in the delivery of transformational customer-centric change, focused on delivering significant performance uplift through a forensic focus on People, Products, Processes and particularly Distribution. 


He has delivered transformational projects in addition to specialised training programmes for numerous major banks in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, India, Pakistan, Africa, Korea, Vietnam, and Australia.

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In a world demanding heightened performance, innovation, and collaboration, Qorus stands as your key to success in the digital transformation journey. 

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