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The Qorus SME Banking Awards are recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions in SME banking, celebrating the best of the best. The Awards are now returning for their fourth edition in 2024.

Current phase

Nomination phase

Nominees will be revealed soon

The profiles that were submitted are reviewed by our internal committee, which then shortlists the final nominees in each category.

Banks and bankers and fintechs/providers now have the opportunity to showcase their skills and shine brightly in the industry. The awards recognize outstanding achievements and contributions in SME banking, celebrating the best of the best. In the past three years, SME Banking Awards garnered significant attention, with numerous deserving recipients recognized for their excellence in serving small and medium-sized enterprises. Today, the Awards provide a platform for industry professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and inspire each other for future advancements in SME banking.

Now we’re launching the fourth edition, which will conclude with the ceremony in March 2024 during Reinvent Forum in Vienna, where we will unveil the winners.

2024 Awards timeline

During the submission phase, we invite all banks and bankers to submit their profiles and compete for recognition in the SME Banking Awards.

During this phase, all submitted profiles are reviewed. Our internal committee assesses these submissions, shortlisting final nominees in each category. Nominee profiles are then published for community review, preparing everyone for the upcoming voting phase. This process ensures transparency and community engagement in recognizing outstanding achievements.

Everyone has the opportunity to participate and contribute to selecting this year's winners!  Your voice matters in shaping the outcome of this prestigious event!

The winners of the fourth edition of the Qorus SME Banking Awards will be announced during Reinvent Forum Vienna.

2024 Nominees will be revealed soon

Stay tuned to see who were shortlisted in the 4th edition!

2024 categories

SME Banker of the Year 2024

This category will acknowledge inspirational bankers selected based on their bank's performance in SME banking, including introduced innovations, SME initiatives, business results, and visibility.

SME Bank of the Year 2024

This category is designed to recognize and celebrate banks that are doing outstanding work in serving the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

SME Partnership of the Year

Exciting news on the horizon! This award celebrates partnerships that have demonstrated a profound impact on the SME ecosystem, driving growth and innovation for businesses.

Voting criteria


Why is the solution different? How inventive, innovative, unique and distinguished is the solution in the market?


Performance at the cross-country level, the degree of internalization

Impact – Traction

Is the solution capable of generating significant revenue and have strong traction?

Business Potential - Pain solver

How big and important is the business problem and the level of pain being solved? Is this solution going to solve it at scale?

Wow factor

How excited are you about the project?

Meet the winners of 3rd edition!

SME Neobank of the Year 2023

Allica Bank
Conrad Ford is Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Allica Bank, a British modern relationship bank,...
view more
OakNorth Bank
We often read that the offers of traditional banks are not adapted enough to SMEs. So,...
view more
Validus Capital
Based in Singapore, Validus offers a “business account that does it all” in Southeast Asia. We...
view more

SME Banker of the Year 2023

Jenine Zachar Head: Enterprise & Direct Banking Segment Standard Bank
Despite experience in teaching, communications, consulting, process engineering, and digital solutioning, I’m constantly surprised that my...
view more
Michal Boleslawski Global Head of Business Banking ING GROUP
He is responsible for corporate banking (SME/MC/SEM) in all markets where the group has such operations:...
view more
Julie Hall Veterans Business Banker CBA - Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Julie Hall is a resilient, energetic, self-driven and customer-centric SME Banker at the Commonwealth Bank of...
view more

SME Bank of the Year 2023

Starling Bank
Banking was broken – so we decided to fix it. The vision? Fast technology, fair service...
view more
CBA - Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s leading business bank, supporting Australians to start, run and grow their business...
view more
Akbank was founded in Turkey on 1948, as a privately-owned commercial bank, and continues to serve...
view more

2023 ceremony

In 2023 edition...

  • 20 000+

    votes were received in total

  • 3 800+

    individuals casted their vote

  • 70

    countries were represented in the voting process

Do you have questions regarding the categories or Awards process? Reach out to us!

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