Qorus Reinvention Awards - APAC

The Qorus Reinvention Awards - APAC were launched in 2023 to put the spotlight on Asia Pacific institutions ‒ and the people behind them ‒ that are innovating at scale to shape the future of financial services in this region.

about the awards

The Qorus Reinvention Awards - APAC put the spotlight on the institutions ‒ and the people behind them ‒ that are innovating at scale to shape the future of financial services in the region. 


Why participate

  • Help promote a culture of innovation in financial services
  • Achieve the recognition of your colleagues
  • Be acknowledged by your regional industry peers
  • Gain public acclaim for your organization as an innovation leader
  • Network with other executives who are driving innovation
  • Benchmark your innovation against those of other banks and insurers  in Asia Pacific
  • Be inspired by the creativity and boldness of your peers


How to qualify

To be considered for the Qorus Reinvention Awards, you would need to have made a submission/s into the Qorus Banking Innovation Awards or Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards or SME Banking Community Awards  Your entry will then be evaluated against your regional peers based on the results of those voting and judging processes.


Originality: The uniqueness of the idea in APAC and its potential as a game changer

Impact: The innovation’s capacity to generate a superior, long-term competitive edge and a significant return on investment

Universality: The innovation’s adaptability across different markets and countries

For the New & Transformed Players category only: Innovations must be stage-one funded, have a market release proposition, and/or have completed a successful market proof of concept

our categories

Customer Experience

Significant enhancements in the bank’s marketing, sales and distribution, and its management of customer channels, communications, engagement and relationships.


Innovative practices that reimagine distribution in response to changing customer expectations. This includes new delivery channels; branch transformation; multi-channel integration; mobile banking and scalable end-to-end value propositions that capitalize on the power of partnerships, platforms and the Internet of Things.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Innovations that demonstrate how banks and insurers have embedded sustainability and ESG into their value chains.

New & Transformed Players

The creation and/or application of innovative technology/partnerships that enhance customer experience and/or develops new revenue sources for the industry. Start-ups and tech firms working within the banking and insurance industries qualify too.

Operational Efficiency

Scalable processes that drive improved efficiency to support a faster pace of growth for the bank’s revenue stream and asset base than for its overhead costs.

New Ways of Working

Recognizing trailblazers who are redefining the future of work. This includes pioneering remote work strategies; creative ways of fostering a culture of collaboration, or implementing groundbreaking productivity techniques.

SME Bank of the Year

The winner is the organization that showcases innovation and digital solutions specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of SMEs, including the introduction of new financial products, digital banking services, or a strong commitment to exceptional customer support.

APAC Innovator of the Year

The winner is the organization whose corporate vision commits it successfully to continuous innovation and transformation, to the development and leadership of a broad ecosystem of partners extending beyond banking, and to the exploitation of emerging technologies that improve the experience of its customers and the performance of its business.

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Awards ceremony

Qorus and its partners announced the winners of the 2023 Qorus Financial Services Reinvention Awards – APAC during its Reinvent Forum Bangkok on 22 November at high-profile awards ceremony at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok. 

Read the winners announcement here.

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