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Understanding your organization, its place in the market, and your relationship with customers and competitors is critical to ensure you successfully reinvent and transform, stay relevant and thrive in the future.

Customer centricity

Graham Flower Smarter Way Mentors Director



Smarter Way Mentors began because of our frustration with how financial services institutions know so much about us, but use so little of that knowledge to help solve our problems or realize our dreams. Individually, and together as a team, Smarter Way Mentors have consistently delivered customer-centric change for global financial services organizations over the past 30 years. In that time, we’ve built up a library of realistic and implementable proven best practices. We decided that we needed to help change the situation. And the best way to do this was to benchmark clients against our best practice library, using a confidential rapid assessment of their capabilities that helps them understand where to focus their resources.


Domain of expertise


Many organizations might claim to be customer-centric, but display classic product centric behavior which fails to build customer trust and loyalty. Often they treat customercentricity as just another project in their digital transformation program. We believe it’s not that simple. To sustain revenue growth by improving customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty requires cultural, behavioral and process change in addition to their new digital capabilities. As a result, it’s often difficult for executives to understand where they are on their customer-centricity journey and where they need to focus and invest to optimize results. One of our tools that helps our clients rapidly diagnose the current situation and opportunities is our Qorus Customer-centricity Benchmark Report. This is a confidential and exclusive report for C-suite executives to help them achieve the next level of performance. It’s an easy to complete, rapid self-assessment that asks searching questions about how well the organization understands its customers and uses that insight to deliver a customer experience that grows and sustains satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. The Report gives executives a better understanding of their business that helps them focus their resources to achieve those goals.

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Qorus offers something different to the approaches of traditional management consultants, event organizers and research companies. We offer a more innovative and cost-effective way for financial institutions to reinvent themselves by matchmaking members and enabling collaboration that’s neutral and free from constraints.

Postal banking benchmarking

Carlo Giugovaz Qorus Regional Director, Italy and Switzerland

About Supernovae Labs


The Postal Bank Benchmark is carried out by Supernovae Labs, Qorus and the participant postal banks. Supernovae Labs is a business advisory company established in 2016 by Carlo Giugovaz together with a team of professionals with extensive experience in the Banking and Insurance sector, and with specific skills in the sales and marketing area. Thanks to their lengthy experience in the Banking sector — and through their research expertise — Supernovae Labs’ consultants are primed to help Postal Banks evaluate the key aspects of interactions with customers, and to provide the information necessary to aid them in taking strategic decisions to increase profitability. By launching joint benchmarking research, Qorus and Supernovae Labs aim to give a better understanding of what is working in the Postal Bank’s business and what are the critical issues to be addressed.


Scope of the benchmarking


Postal Banks have traditionally focused on their internal markets, looking towards the traditional incumbent banking models in their countries in order to get inspiration to broaden the products, services and channels offered to their customers. With the evolution of the Postal Banking model in full force, now more than ever Postal Banks’ executives are in a prime position to evaluate whether they are ahead of the curve in terms of performance on their customer base versus the competition, or if they need to reassess the approach to the market. This benchmark is also an opportunity for Postal Banks that started offering new services to define a fact-based product and channel development strategy. Through the Qorus Supernovae Labs Postal Bank Benchmarking, managers can rapidly assess the different approaches for key areas of the business, with a strong focus on customer base needs and wants, product performance impact on customers, and channel usage and satisfaction. This confidential and exclusive report for C-suite executives is an easy to complete, rapid self-assessment that asks searching questions about topics such as customer segmentation, new product scouting and development processes, branch channels usage and customer engagement, in order to give a vast but specific overview of the state of the art in the Postal Banking emerging models.

The team