In House Briefings

Engaging and insightful (online) Briefings on the most relevant topics of the Banking and Insurance industry.

In line with the aim of supporting global community to keep up with the trends in the market and to provide insights on what their peers are achieving globally.

Qorus offer their members two virtual In-house briefings annually to address key challenges institutions are facing from the list of pre-selected topics trending in the market, which will be delivered by our panel of Senior Advisors.

IHB is an hour long session held using Microsoft Teams, which includes a presentation on the selected topic followed by an interactive Q&A session. It is an engaging and insightful look at the most relevant questions in the industry.

We focus on

Digital transformation

Talent management

Reskilling and upskilling your people

Customer experience

in-house briefings 2024

New business models in insurance

  • The challenges and benefits of the models for the customer and provider
  • How the companies mentioned in the examples are attempting to overcome 
those challenges
  • High level recommendations for insurers looking to implement a new model

Payments : Digital and cashless payments

  • Established trends
  • Merchant acquiring
  • Future of cash & mobile payments
  • Convergence between issuing & acquiring

Embedded insurance

  • What are the benefits of this new model?
  • What are the different models that have been adopted by retailers and which insurers are powering them?
  • What are the challenges from an insurer's perspective to deliver embedded insurance?
  • Who is doing it well (with some best practices)?

Blockchain and DLTs: How to implement your business strategy using Blockchain

  • Decide if a Blockchain makes sense for your endeavor and chose the one that fits your purpose
  • Analyze what hold beneath and the nascent opportunity of Web 3.0 and Metaverse - NFTs
  • Navigate Global regulation in its different approaches and frameworks

The ABC of ESG in Banking

  • New context, new trends and the rise of Sustainability as competitive driving force (geopolitical context, climate emergency, regulatory frameworks, impact investment, new consumer)
  • Key insights on what ESG means for Banking
  • Best practices and lessons to be learned 


  • What is the Metaverse? Different approaches and perspectives
  • Why does it matter? What are the latest developments?
  • Industries Disrupted by the Metaverse (some examples)
  • What does it mean for your company? How are Financial Institutions already using the Metaverse?
  • How to invest in the Metaverse?

Securing against the criminal underground

  • How are attackers organized, and how can this be used to protect yourself
  • Main tactics, techniques and procedures attacks used to target financial institutions
  • How to map and analyze your digital footprint
  • The role of collaboration and partnerships in the defense against attackers

Bancassurace 2.0: the age of Digital

Available in English & Portugese
  • Phygital bancassurance strategy
  • Incentive schemes to branches to boost digital sales 
  • UX driven product offer
  • Bank & insurance Bundling

Data : Banking in the hyper-personalised age

Available in English & Spanish
  • Data-centric experiences
  • Creating omnichannel experiences.
  • Better targeting customers.
  • New ways of customer engagement, and streamlined digital experiences.

Innovation trends in banking

Available in English & Spanish
  • Accelerated Darwinism
  • Innovation with a human cloak
  • Innovation efforts becoming human
  • Innovation took on 5 senses

Innovation trends in insurance

Available in English & Spanish
  • General strategic developments
  • Benchmarking innovations
  • Creativity and boldness of peer institutions

Transformation : open banking

Available in English & Spanish
  • Current status quo of open banking innovation.
  • Live examples of how fintech, banks, and neo-banks around the globe are using open banking technology to provide new products and personalized customer experiences.
  • Creating end-to-end digital workflows.
  • Examples in accounts, payments, investments, identification, lending and tax management.

Redefining the role of branches and optimization in the digital world

Available in English & Spanish
  • Future role of branches
  • Networks and formats
  • Customer service models

Customer experience essentials

Available in English & Spanish
  • Current status of customer experience in financial exploration.
  • How new players are creating highly customer-centric experiences.
  • Digitizing product areas such as tax management, invoice selling and management, benefits, payments, communities and more.

Fintech : Cooperating with fintech to win the competition

Available in English & Spanish
  • Introduction to fintech (B2C, B2B & B2B2C fintechs)
  • Successful collaboration models and strategic approaches to fintech
  • Hot topics in the fintech world (business trends, investment trends)

The future of workforce

Available in English & Spanish
  • Hybrid era: exploring new rules of HR
  • Industry developments
  • Evolution in workspace & working environment

SME Transformation

Available in English & Spanish
  • Digital first SME banking as the new normal
  • AI & analytics to navigate
  • Climate change as an opportunity in SME banking

Life and Health Insurance Report - The Wellness Revolution

Available in English & Spanish
  • Wellness revolution
  • How insurers are driving growth with customer well-being
  • Understanding well-ness driven customer behaviors
  • Enabling wellness-as-a-service
  • Delivering critical initiatives to meet customer expectations

World Property and Casualty Insurance Report - Walking the Talk

Available in English & Spanish
  • How insurers and lead climate change resiliency
  • Climate change and its risks
  • Fundamental business model changes required for climate resiliency
  • Embed climate resiliency in corporate strategy to future-proof business


Available in English & Spanish
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Basics of Machine Learning & Simple Algorithms
  • Entering the ChatGPT Era
  • AI/ML/ChatGPT Use Cases in Banking & Insurance

Building resilient organizations: role of robust innovation system

Available in English & Spanish
  • Human centered innovations developing successful solutions
  • Successful collaboration models and strategic approaches banking/insurance

The impact of emerging technologies in financial/insurance innovation

Available in English & Spanish
  • Focus on Blockchain and its applications
  • Focus on Artificial Intelligence and its applications

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