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At Qorus, we have created a thriving community of SME bankers. This community is centered around the sharing of best practices, with podcasts, virtual events, and articles all facilitating knowledge sharing in this critical space. By speaking with leaders in the SME banking world and highlighting the ways business banking is evolving, we are helping to advance this community.

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Qorus combines radical ideas and traditional thinking. Our global ecosystem brings together valuable insights, inspiring events and rich data all in one place. Access and enjoy the latest exclusive content served via wide range of reports, case studies, industry news, interviews, physical and online events.

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Qorus helps you drive reinvention by connecting you with the relevant people, organizations and ideas. Our goal is simple – to bring together the world’s financial industry professionals to answer key challenges and pain points at the time you need it by following up on issues raised during events, or in recent content.

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Explore all members of your community and connect with them to enable peer-to-peer collaboration that’s open and free from any constraints.


We unite members, connecting the right people across the world to share, learn and think freely to solve problems. Transform your institution by sharing your challenges and learn from others so we can collectively create the future of financial services.


Every successful community needs a benchmark. That's why, following many great initiatives in the SME banking space, we decided to recognize individuals and institutions that are making a huge impact in supporting their SME clients. This initiative helps the most innovative global institutions and bankers showcase their SME strategy and vision.

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Reinvent Forum Barcelona

Be a part of the conversation breaking down the traditional banking models as well as the Innovation Route guided by the minds behind the project of Caixa Bank Innovation.