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At Qorus we have created a thriving community of Climate/Sustainability/ESG focused professionals. This community is centered around the sharing of insights, events, articles and media content all facilitating knowledge exchange in this critical space. By speaking with leaders in the sustainability and regulation world and highlighting the ways financial services industry is evolving, we are helping to advance this community.

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Qorus combines radical ideas and traditional thinking. Communities bring together members, partners, and industry leaders, offering valuable insights and rich data in our exclusive physical and online events. Our unique formats allow members to closely collaborate and discuss their key challenges on a regular basis.

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Access and enjoy the latest exclusive content served via a wide range of reports, case studies, industry news, interviews and media content. Your content will be personalized based on membership in a particular community and topic preferences.


The Qorus-Accenture Banking and Insurance Innovation Awards celebrate the best new ideas that are transforming our industry. Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking category groups innovations that advance the bank’s social purpose and its commitment to being a good corporate citizen and a true ally of its customers. Submit your entry today, share your idea, and get the credit it deserves from your colleagues and peers.


Qorus helps you drive reinvention by connecting you with the relevant people, organizations and ideas. Being a part of community means that you can meet the people you need to meet, share ideas and learnings and talk through some ideas with other people who are in the same position and place as yours. Communities help to unite and connect members across the world, and enable them to solve problems together, transform their institution by sharing their challenges and learn from others so we can create the future of financial services together.

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Our goal is simple – to bring together the world’s financial industry professionals to answer immediate issues and questions you may be facing on a day-to-day basis. Join the discussion and get prompt answers from your peers at the time you need it by following up on issues raised during events, or in recent content.

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What's the best thing about member directory? You can directly explore and connect with members anytime you want and need. Reach out to anyone in the directory and enjoy peer-to-peer collaboration.

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To be able to join a community, you must be a Qorus member and be part of a financial institution. If that is the case, you can log in or create your account and join now. If not, please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss your options.


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