Sarah Kocianski

Open Finance Community Leader Qorus United Kingdom

Fintech and insurtech strategist with 10+ years industry experience. 

Sarah enables companies to succeed in today's financial ecosystem by using expert insight and analysis to identify opportunities and how to capitalise on them. 

She has worked with global organisations, scale ups and startups from within and without the financial services industry. That includes major banks and insurers, startup and scaleup fintechs and insurtechs, e-commerce companies, healthtechs and retailers.

Sarah provides expert industry insight and analysis including detailed competitor analysis and market mapping, human-centric problem identification, opportunity outlines, and practical recommendations. 
She is experienced in delivering work in standard formats such as written reports and decks, face to face presentations and workshops, as well as webinars and podcasts which she writes and hosts.

Topics of Interest

  • Affluent
  • Customer Experience
  • ESG & Sustainability
  • HR & Future Workforce
  • Innovation
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Marketing & sales
  • Mobility
  • Open Finance & New FS players
  • Operational excellence & efficiency
  • Payments
  • Physical distribution
  • Retail banking
  • SME Banking
  • Transformation

Challenges Met

  • Customer centricity
  • Digital transformation
  • Financial literacy
  • Hiring and developing talent
  • New branch positionning
  • New business models
  • Omnichannel and context in the service model
  • Pivoting talent to the new realities & changing mindsets
  • Time to market innovation
  • Web 3.0

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