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At Qorus, we have created a place for all insurers. This community is centered around the sharing of best practices, with virtual events, and articles all facilitating knowledge sharing in this critical space. By speaking with leaders in the insurance world and highlighting the ways business banking is evolving, we are helping to advance this community.

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Innovation in Insurance Awards

The Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards aims to appraise and recognize the most innovative projects, initiatives and ideas in insurance globally. Winners are awarded by their peers, with a rigorous, independent process ensuring the credibility of the awards. A initiative, the Innovation in Insurance Awards have been serving as a catalyst for innovation in the insurance sector since their inception in 2016.

Exclusive events

Qorus combines radical ideas and traditional thinking. Communities bring together members, partners, and industry leaders, offering valuable insights and rich data in our exclusive physical and online events. Our unique formats allow members to closely collaborate and discuss their key challenges on a regular basis.

Personalized content

Access and enjoy the latest exclusive content served via a wide range of reports, case studies, industry news, interviews and media content. Your content will be personalized based on membership in a particular community and topic preferences.

Innovation library

For the past ten years, Qorus and Accenture have been working together to collect innovative projects, initiatives, and ideas from banks, banking start-ups and spin-offs, and technology firms working within the banking industry on one portal: The portal showcases the most recent and relevant innovations in the market and is a useful tool for analyzing the ever-changing banking ecosystem, as well as benchmarking your innovation against the competition.


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