Efma and Accenture announce winners of DMI Awards 2018

18/10/2018 Article

Eight banks from South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East are winners of the sixth annual Efma-Accenture Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards, which recognize innovative projects in retail banking distribution and marketing.

The awards were presented today at an awards ceremony streamed live from the Altis Grand Hotel in Lisbon.

Showcasing the best examples of innovation in multiple categories, the awards competition this year attracted 421 innovations from 180 institutions in 59 countries.

The winners of the Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards 2018 are:

• Banco Bradesco (Brazil) – won the Digital Marketing & Communication award for its Lollapalooza Brazil Bradesco Coverage solution, an innovative way of connecting the bank to younger customers via a partnership with one of the world’s largest music festivals.

Silver went to Desjardins (Canada) and bronze to Emirates NBD (United Arab Emirates).

• Fidor Bank (Germany) & Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (United Arab Emirates) – won the Neobanks and Specialized Players award for Moneysmart.ae, ADIB’s first dedicated financial community and smart bank.

Silver went to Mashreq Bank (United Arab Emirates) and bronze to Siam Commercial Bank (Thailand).

• Bancolombia (Colombia) – won the Artificial Intelligence award for its Plink solution — an intelligent data- and analytics-driven platform that brings powerful insights to merchants and brings consumers the most relevant offers based on their preferences.

Silver went to Shinhan Bank (South Korea) and bronze to Jibun Bank (Japan).

• BAWAG P.S.K. (Austria) – won the Workforce Experience award for TREND_LOUNGE, a platform that enables bank employees to develop creative products for the retail sector.

Silver went to UniCredit (Austria) and bronze to Banco Bradesco (Brazil).

• Alior Bank (Poland) – won the Offering Innovation award for Konto Jakze Osobiste, a personalized bank account that allows holders to choose from a range of benefits tailored to their needs.

Silver went to Fibank (Bulgaria) and bronze to HSBC (United Kingdom).

• Bank Pekao (Poland) – won the Phygital Distribution & Experience award for PeoPay, a modern mobile banking application that enables customers to confirm transactions using biometrics.

Silver went to Santander (Spain) and bronze to Emirates NBD (United Arab Emirates).

• Shinhan Bank (Japan) – won the Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking award for IoT Auto Loan, a solution that allows the creation of automotive loans using the internet of things and GPS.

Silver went to Denizbank (Turkey) and bronze to La Banque Postale (France).

• Banco Bradesco (Brazil) – named Global Innovator for several innovative products it brought to market in the last year, including BIA (Bradesco Artificial Intelligence); inovaBra habitat; the Bradesco Coupon Platform; and NFC programmed withdrawal.

Silver went to USAA (USA) and bronze DBS Group (Singapore).

The winners were selected through a combination of votes by a panel of judges comprising senior retail bankers from around the world and by Efma members and non-members from retail institutions who voted online. Each entry was assessed using three criteria: its originality; its strategic capacity to generate long-term competitive edge and return on investment; and its adaptability for use in other markets and countries.

“The 2,764 innovations now in our library — from 652 institutions operating across 94 countries — are proof of the hard work of banking leaders in transforming the retail financial services landscape as we know it,” said Vincent Bastid, Efma’s CEO. “It’s exciting to see how these solutions play a part in reshaping the future of the industry. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners for their achievements.”

Piercarlo Gera, global managing director of Accenture Distribution and Marketing Services, said, “Once again we have seen DMI Award winners shaping digital technologies to create innovations that generate value for both their customers and their own organizations, strengthening client relationships and having a strong impact on revenue growth and profitability. They engage customers while becoming more streamlined organizations that develop their people and drive industry progress. Retail banks are experiencing increasing competition from non-traditional providers, but they are rising to the challenge. The geographic diversity of this year’s winners shows that innovation truly knows no boundaries, as digital adoption is rapidly increasing similarly across developed and growth countries.”

To find out more about the award-winning innovations, visit www.efma.com/innovations or follow the conversation on Twitter at #DMIAwards18

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