Neobanks and the next step: Banca Widiba

15/09/2021 Interview
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Marco Marazia

Banca Widiba

Direttore Generale

Marco Marazia, General Manager of Banca Widiba, speaks about the bank’s digital efforts that incorporate a human touch as a key pillar of their success. 

The demographics of neobank users are often surprising; it is not only young people who are signing up, but also older age brackets. What is the standard profile of your target customer? What has been key to your customer acquisition success?

Ever since it was established, our model of digital bank offering all banking services turned to the “neo-needs” of a universal customer rather than to a “neo-customer”. I believe our positioning shows that internet banking is not necessarily designed with only young people in mind; it satisfies and appeals to targets in all age groups. This is confirmed by the fact that the average age of our customers is 47, and our fastest-growing target is people in their forties with a very complete profile in terms of needs. In most cases, they have a medium-high income, are well educated, and are willing to try new consumer models. We have the same number of men and women. Among other things, this is perfectly in line with our gender diversity commitment, as shown by 45% of our bank managers being women. 

In these days after the pandemic, we have realized more than ever how digitalization is increasingly necessary and widespread among all age groups. As we were born digital and technological, we have always aimed at making things easier and providing an excellent experience. We are the ones who adjust to the customer and do not ask the customer to adjust to us - this is an essential rule and a winning one. Just to mention an example: our bank’s name and logo were chosen involving all our customers and we were awarded the Efma world prize for customer experience, precisely because of how we offer our services through a very natural language. 

If you allow me to say so, I would define Banca Widiba as a “new modern bank” and not simply a “neobank”.

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