CPIC: Focusing on the health industry and building a new ecosystem of insurance + health

23/05/2023 News

As a leading insurance company with a full license and an important participant in the national multi-level social security system, China Pacific Insurance Group (CPIC or the Group) formulated a five-year plan for the development of the health industry as early as August 2020, clarifying its development goals.

Over the past three years, CPIC has responded to changes and actively promoted its health industry strategy, achieving significant results in various aspects such as concepts, mechanisms, management, and product services. Based on its existing experience and innovative achievements, on May 20th, the Group held a press conference on the health industry strategic action plan and officially released the "352" health service blueprint to the public for the first time, outlining a bright future for the "Healthy Life, CPIC Action" initiative and taking an important step towards the construction of "Healthy China".

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