Kaspi.kz: The super app transforming Central Asia's digital landscape

Digital Reinvention
01/10/2023 News

In the heart of Central Asia, a financial technology revolution is unfolding as Kazakhstan-based Kaspi.kz emerges as a regional Super App, reshaping the digital landscape and redefining customer relations. Led by CEO Mikheil Lomtadze, Kaspi.kz has strategically positioned itself as a customer-centric technology company, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction – a vital attribute for any successful B2C enterprise.

While the concept of a "Super App" might be familiar to investors, Kaspi.kz distinguishes itself as a local super-app catering to the unique needs of the Kazakh market. Its journey began with a customer finance app and has since evolved into a multifaceted platform offering three main business segments: Payments, Marketplace, and Fintech.

Kaspi.kz: A leader in Kazakhstan's digital transformation

As of the third quarter of 2021, Kaspi.kz boasts an impressive 57% monthly user base among Kazakhs, reflecting a remarkable 27% year-on-year growth. More astonishingly, 60% of these users engage with the platform daily. This impressive adoption rate underscores Kaspi.kz's pivotal role in the country's digital transformation.

International Expansion and Ambitions

Kaspi.kz's influence extends beyond Kazakhstan's borders. The company has made significant inroads into neighboring markets, with a particular focus on Azerbaijan, where it acquired real estate and auto classified companies in 2019. This move has fueled the growth of classified platforms, showcasing the potential for cross-border success.

In October, Kaspi.kz further expanded its horizons by acquiring a Ukrainian bank, a strategic move that positions it in a country with a population of 44 million. This foray into international markets underscores Kaspi.kz's ambition to become a regional Super App, catering to Central Asia and beyond.

The Kaspi.kz Ecosystem

Kaspi.kz's Super App serves as a unified interface for its entire ecosystem. It integrates a wide range of services and products into one convenient platform, eliminating the boundaries between offline and online experiences. The Super App offers a host of features, including:

• Bill Payments: Customers can pay for regular household expenses and purchases, using the Kaspi e-Wallet and Kaspi Gold debit card.

• Marketplace: Kaspi.kz provides an integrated online shopping experience, complete with search tools, product reviews, and comprehensive merchant details.

• Fintech: Customers have access to online consumer finance, including instant financing approval and the ability to finance purchases on the Marketplace Platform.

• P2P Payments: The platform enables customers to settle bills, transfer money, and make payments domestically and globally.

• Mobile Commerce: Kaspi QR allows in-store payments through the Super App, simplifying transactions.

• My Bank: A personal finance management tool for budget analysis, card security management, and account access.

• Shopping Club: Kaspi Red shopping club offers interest-free installment loans for purchases and bonus collection.

• Bonus Program: Customers receive bonuses for transactions and can spend them within the Super App.

• Maps: A feature to locate nearby Kaspi.kz outlets, merchant stores, ATMs, and payment terminals.

• Messages: A personalized service for communication and transaction guidance.

Kaspi.kz's transformation into a Super App epitomizes the power of technology to reshape industries and customer experiences. As it continues to expand its reach both domestically and internationally, it stands as a testament to the digital evolution in Central Asia and beyond.

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