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21/02/2024 News

Fixle empowers homeowners with innovative maintenance solutions

Fixle, a tech startup born out of American Family Insurance, is now an independent company led by industry veterans Dave Theus and Amanda Schulze. Their goal is to streamline home maintenance and management for homeowners.

Digital Reinvention
14/02/2024 Article

Innovation Masters: Unveiling the premier pet insurance plans and ecosystems

A selection of the most innovative pet insurance projects received at the Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards. In the spotlight:...

Digital Reinvention
13/02/2024 News

Neon Money Club launches 'SCORE': The dating app for financially savvy singles

With a mission to integrate financial wellness into everyday life, Neon Money Club aims to spark conversations about financial health...

Digital Reinvention
13/02/2024 News

Revolut's breakthrough: eSIMs revolutionize travel connectivity

As the first financial institution in the UK to offer this service, Revolut is enabling travelers to access data plans...

Digital Reinvention
07/02/2024 News

Klarna's Money Story: Empowering smarter spending

This feature not only illuminates spending patterns but also inspires budgeting, saving, and savvy shopping in the new year.

Digital Reinvention
03/02/2024 News

Klarna enters subscription market with Klarna Plus launch in the US

Available for a monthly fee of $7.99 through the Klarna app, Klarna Plus offers exclusive benefits to loyal Klarna shoppers,...

Digital Reinvention
01/02/2024 News

Citi unveils Citi Shop: A time-saving browser extension for smart online shoppers

This free desktop browser extension, exclusive to eligible U.S. Citi credit cardmembers, aims to streamline online shopping by automatically searching...

19/12/2023 News

Belfius Direct Assurances enters partnership with Tom&Co to distribute pet insurance

Belfius Direct Assurances, a pioneer in pet insurance in Belgium, has seen a 25% increase in dog insurance policies.


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