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Digital Reinvention
15/05/2023 News

Marketers quickly embracing AI technologies like ChatGPT, diverting from metaverse programs

Sitecore data shows 3 in 4 marketers are considering or already using generative AI to personalize content, dig deeper into customer needs and improve the overall customer experience (CX).

Digital Reinvention
01/05/2023 Interview

Human-Centered Digital Banking: Bulgarian-American Credit Bank

Ivan Ivanov, Director of Retail Banking at Bulgarian-American Credit Bank, shares insights about his role and the challenges faced by...

Digital Reinvention
18/04/2023 News

OCBC Bank launches OCBCx65Chulia in Decentraland to redefine access to banking

Designed to extend the bank’s digital reach, OCBCx65Chulia integrates a heritage museum and banking lobby in one immersive and interactive...

Digital Reinvention
23/03/2023 News

TD explores the future of immersive VR experiences

Working with Flybits, Capco and Mesmerise, TD is creating engaging, personalized pilots and proofs of concept that target commercial, consumer...

Digital Reinvention
20/03/2023 Article

How the digital human industry is changing the customer relationship

Virtual characters are one of the biggest digital opportunities for organisations. In China alone, tech company Baidu said that the...

Open Finance
06/03/2023 News

MultiversX Labs launches the first Super App to reimagine digital finance, AI avatars, chat, opening Web3 and Metaverse experiences to everyone

Leading technology company MultiversX Labs announces a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital finance and the Metaverse: the launch...

Digital Reinvention
08/02/2023 Study

The new digital frontier: assessing the metaverse’s financial industry potential

In this study, we will discuss the ongoing prospect of the metaverse moving beyond gaming and ultimately unfolding a new...

Digital Reinvention
11/01/2023 Interview

How to successfully launch your brand in the metaverse

Developing an effective Metaverse strategy that makes sense for your organization, without getting overwhelmed by today’s trends, is not that...


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