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Inspiring better banking across 100+ countries.

About us

Finacle is an industry leader in digital banking solutions. We are a unit of EdgeVerve Systems, a product subsidiary of Infosys. We partner with emerging and established financial institutions to help inspire better banking. Our cloud-native solution suite and SaaS services help banks engage, innovate, operate, and transform better to scale digital transformation with confidence. Finacle solutions address the core banking, lending, digital engagement, payments, cash management, wealth management, treasury, analytics, AI, and blockchain requirements of financial institutions. Banks in over 100 countries rely on Finacle to help more than a billion people save, pay, borrow, and invest better.

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What can banks expect from Finacle?

At the heart of our mission of inspiring better banking are five promises –

  • To deliver solutions built on Better Technology, so that banks can unlock new possibilities and enrich the financial lives of their customers
  • To help banks Engage Better with their customers, employees, and partners so that they can drive purposeful growth
  • To empower banks to Innovate Better, to create new value, and be more competitive
  • To unlock ways to Operate Better, so that banks can reduce costs and be more sustainable
  • To help banks Transform Better so that they can stay relevant to evolving market dynamics

Watch this video to know more about our purpose.

Infosys Finacle Insights

Going Beyond the Basics to Maximize Digital Customer Engagement

Progressive banks are integrating banker-assisted channels, automating business processes, fostering collaborative ecosystems, and utilizing transactional data to personalize products and experiences. By adopting these strategies, banks can enhance their digital customer engagement and achieve greater success in the evolving banking landscape.

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