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Wavestone is an international consulting firm with about 4,000 employees across Europe focused on digital and business consulting.  Wavestone is based on “The Positive Way”, a set of 4 essential values that acts as a compass, becoming more and more valuable as our company extends : client satisfaction, employee development, responsibility & ethics and collective mindset.

About Wavestone

In a world where knowing how to drive transformation is the key to success, Wavestone's mission is to inform and guide large companies and organizations in their most critical transformations, with the ambition of a positive outcome for all stakeholders. It's an ambition anchored in the firm's DNA and embodied in the signature “The Positive Way.”

Wavestone draws on about 4,000 employees across Europe – where it is a leading independent player in consulting, the United States and Asia.

Wavestone is listed on Euronext Paris and recognized as a Great Place to Work®.

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Domains of Expertise

Wavestone was built on the conviction that the implementation of multidisciplinary teams is key to successful transformations. The firm offers a 360° vision of these transformations by closely combining the best business, technological and sustainable development skills. 

Wavestone has developed a deep understanding of the value chain and the businesses of sectors such as financial services, industry, luxury goods and energy. In addition to these skills, Wavestone has developed expertise in the issues that are at the heart of its clients’ thinking, such as customer experience, data, IoT, supply chain and sustainable development.

Impact: A New Chapter of Growth, Expertise, and Corporate Responsibility

Impact is a new chapter in the history of Wavestone, a new momentum. According to this plan, 3 objectives were associated for 2025:

  • Reach a new growth horizon, with a target revenue of €750m by 2025
  • Include 5 large non-French companies in the TOP 20 clients
  • Meet the highest standards in terms of non-financial performance, by positioning Wavestone in the top 5% of the best companies when it comes to CSR

3 pillars will be developed to ensure the success of Impact:

  • International and Growth: The firm's development priority from now on will be to accelerate the growth of its international activities and to capture new large international clients, in sustained growth, both French and more importantly non-French.
  • Expertise and Value: The firm will radically increase its investment in expertise and value. Wavestone intends to become one of the best training schools for consultants throughout their entire career. Wavestone will also develop its expertise in depth in order to provide its clients with even more innovation, forward thinking and thought leadership. 
  • The Positive Way: "The Positive Way" is the name of the value base on which Wavestone is founded: Client satisfaction and support for sustainable performance, Employee development and commitment, Responsibility and ethics, which make Wavestone a good corporate citizen, and Collective mindset, the most distinctive value of Wavestone in the consulting market. The firm will strive to cultivate these essential values in order to better meet the challenge of growth, acquisitions and international expansion, while remaining true to itself.

Wavestone Blogs

Wavestone Blogs

Wavestone shares its increased knowledge on current business topics in a space animated by expert consultants in the field.

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Our recent pulications

Open banking, an opportunity for banks to rethink their business model

The financial sector is at a turning point in its history, and open banking is at the heart of this shift. Indeed, the platform economy is pushing banks to reconsider their model and become part of wider ecosystems. This raises the question of what path to take in this open banking journey, which is precisely the subject of the study we carried out with Efma.

Open Banking, an Opportunity for Banks to Rethink their Business Model

Faced with a constantly changing competitive environment, banks are on the lookout for new growth drivers and new levers to better satisfy the needs of their customers. Historically, banks developed according to a logic of vertical integration where they produced their services in “factories” they owned and distributed them within their own distribution channels.

2020 RegTech startups radar

The startup ecosystem has become an innovation catalyst for business transformation. Compliance functions in financial services are no exception to the rule. This ecosystem has even been grouped under the banner of “RegTech”.

The banks and insurers of the future: In search of new business models

Wavestone launched an initiative to think about the banks and insurers of the future. The aim is to develop a research program with its teams, clients, and partners that will imagine the future of the financial sector. The starting point: an invitation to open yourself up to a new perspective – one that looks beyond the horizons that companies typically consider.

Wavestone Coeus Consulting and PEN Partnership Join Forces with the Ambition of Becoming a Leading Consultancy in the Uk

After joining forces with PEN Partnership in August, Wavestone announces the acquisition of Cœus Consulting, a London based management consulting firm specialising in CIO Advisory. The three companies all share strong growth ambitions to build together a leading player in the UK consulting market.

Cloud Tooling Panorama 2023

In 2023 we will continue to witness the ongoing mass adoption of cloud computing across all industries. The developing future of work practices offer solutions such as permanent adoption of hybrid working mechanisms or even fully remote working across widespread workforces. This has created a paradigm shift towards a need for cloud tools to be utilised and deployed across businesses. Organisations will continue to leverage cloud tools and services to access innovative technologies which drive operational efficiencies.

Operating model design & Agility

With the arrival of digital technology in all businesses and a rapidly changing economic environment, the ability to transform operational models has become key. By working with organizations and on their methods of operation, companies want to respond to issues that have become critical: