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ebankIT is an international company that develops a leading Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform with capabilities to enable Banks and Credit Unions to run lean, run smart and innovate fast, helping their customers to be one step ahead at a fraction of the cost, time and effort. ebankIT's mission is to help the banking business realize their full potential, strengthen customer relationship while minimizing costs and increase digital revenues. The vision is about shaping the digital banking with an innovative banking platform with out-of-the-box omnichannel capabilities. Operating in over 20 countries, ebankIT is helping customers all over the world to transform their businesses by delivering a fast-seamless Omnichannel Digital Banking Transformation.


ebankIT is a fintech company that enables banks and credit unions to deliver the same humanized, personalized, and accessible digital experience on mobile, web, and voice banking, as well as whatever future channels may come next. Enhanced with flexible and robust full omnichannel capabilities, ebankIT Digital Banking Platform offers a fast and seamless digital banking transformation. With extensive customization capacity and a continuous focus on human interactions, ebankIT future-proves the digital strategy of banks and credit unions, empowering them with a truly customer-first approach.

Why do customers choose ebankIT?

Founded in 2014 by an experienced team of fintech experts, ebankIT’s work has already translated into increased revenues and cost minimization for dozens of financial institutions worldwide. Today, the ebankIT Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform is licensed to institutions in 11 countries, serving millions of customers and members. From the first moment, ebankIT technology guarantees a class-leading time-to-market, which is only possible because ebankIT Platform is widely equipped with pre-built connectors for the most popular core- banking systems. ebankIT platform also offers banks and credit unions a rich business middleware and the ebankIT Studio, an innovative Integrated Development Environment (IDE), that enables each financial institution to customize their digital catalog and to generate new services in-house, with low amounts of coding and reduced costs.

Our implementation approach

  • Implementations performed by ebankIT and certified partners (ebankIT Academy)
  • Evolution Support and Maintenance of the implementation performed by partners

From implementation onwards, financial institutions engage in a disruptive innovation roadmap, with new product launches and updates every six months. ebankIT is always working on new ideas, benchmarking the best practices, and following the most relevant market trends.

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