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Sustainability, trust, intelligence, and innovation are the keys to unlocking the future of digital finance. How can our finance customers embrace these concepts and stay ahead of the competition? Huawei helps customers address industry challenges and deliver greater value to end users based on Robust Infrastructure, Architecture Transformation, and Business Innovation.

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Key Contact

profile picture of Peter Kruth

Peter Kruth


Europe FSI CTO

profile picture of Sebastien Jaouen

Sebastien Jaouen

Huawei Technologies France

Director, Financial Services Industry

profile picture of Fan Yang

Fan Yang


Head of European Solution Dept, Global Digital Finance

profile picture of John Zhang

John Zhang

Ping An Group

FSI Solution Architect


Accelerate Change, Shaping Smarter Greener Finance Together

The global economy is now faced with a new norm. The finance sector is seeing new changes. How do we accelerate the application of new technologies and innovatively improve productivity? You will understand if you study the trend, be wise if you follow the trend, and be a winner if you adapt to the trend.

Mobile is Transforming Banking

Mobile is transforming everything. Most of us are now turning to mobile devices for everyday services, from getting a ride to ordering groceries. Banking, of course, is no exception.

5 Ways Technology Delivers a Better Experience to Credit Card Holders

Users expect more, faster, and better banking services. This goes for everything and credit card services are no exception. Banks that design the best apps for their credit card users and create the optimal user journeys will win against their competition. For this, they'll need technology.

Challenges and Solutions to Cloud Adoption in the Finance Sector

The rapid digitalization of financial services has prompted many banks, insurers, and securities to quickly adopt the cloud. But financial cloud migration is not so simple. Companies must assure regulatory compliance while also maintaining enough elasticity to support future financial services. How can we, as a technology company, help the finance sector go digital with cloud?

The Arts of Digital Banking - Remodeling FOCUS

We see that digitalization is happening in all industries and everywhere, and is significantly making people's work and life more convenient and efficient. The digitalization in banking is ahead of most other industries, and acting deep and delicate in diversified areas.

Cloud Native Unlocks Digital Banking Growth

With Financial Technology (FinTech) growing rapidly as a sector, digital banking — any banking services delivered through digital channels, whether provided by traditional banks or independent virtual banks — is on the rise.