08/05/2023 Learning expedition

  • The Qorus Learning Expeditions are back and the first 2023 journey will take you to some hand-picked Spanish innovation hubs in Madrid and Barcelona. 
  • Our experts are carefully selecting and choosing the most innovative institutions for you to optimize your visit and get the inspiration you need. And we have a few more aces up the sleeve, that we will announce shortly (yes, we won’t withhold anything!) 
  • The content of the agenda includes:          
    • Embark upon an Innovation Route with CaixaBank – the winner of Global Innovator 2021 and “Analytics and AI” 2022 Category
    • Visit Santander – the winner of “Reimagining the Customer Experience” 2022 Category
    • Go for an on-site tour at BBVA – top 3 in different categories in both 2021 and 2022
    • Visit Banco Sabadell, InnoCells and BStartup
    • Discover Nickel: a bank account through a distribution network of partner outlets 
    • Get insights by Alastria – one of the largest public-private, multi-sector blockchain platforms ww
    • Meet the people behind MyInvestor – the biggest fintech in Spain and 12th biggest fintech in Europe
    • Enjoy FC Barcelona Innovation Hub and a private visit to the Camp Nou stadium
    • Take joy in the rich history, culture, and tradition – with a guided visit to Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia
    • Delight your tastebuds in amazing restaurants and take advantage of the Spanish hospitality
    • Be prepared for some new announcements and surprises soon! 

Key Topics

  • Next generation of banking

  • New business models - Selling non-banking products

  • Customer Experience Obsession mindset

  • Further leveraging on fintechs

  • Open banking & embedded finance

  • Blockchain and digital currencies

  • New technologies (Metaverse, Quantum, Web 3.0, …)

  • Digital payments


Innovation Route

Innovation Route

During the Site Visit Tour of Innovation Route you will have the opportunity to explore 3 premises at CaixaBank: 

  • All In One financial hub: the largest banking branch in Europe 
  • Insights Center – CaixaBank’s center for integrating customer perceptions into business decision-making
  • imaginCafé – 1200-square-meter space located in the ❤️ of Barcelona

CaixaBank is organizing a full package experience where you will have the opportunity to explore and discuss their commitment and approach to innovations. 

Why attend

  • Get your refill of inspiration!

    Some of the most successful and innovative banks, fintechs and innovative institutions in Spain will take you in and share the secret sauce of their success (only for your eyes and ears!)

  • Gain hands-on experience!

    Hearing is great, but seeing with your own eyes is even better! Our hosts will let you test first-hand their latest innovations (and some are quite mind-blowing!)

  • Increase your network of valuable contacts!

    The expeditions attract only top-level professionals and decision-makers from major institutions in the financial sector

  • Enjoy and let us do the rest!

    We intentionally limit the number of participants in the groups to facilitate a richer learning experience along with high-quality networking and exchanges


Learning expedition single ticket

  • €3,900 for Members
  • €4,900 for Non-members

Interested but not yet ready to register? Pre-reserve here!

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The fee does not include hotel accommodation, nor transportation to and from Spain. Full registration fees must be paid prior to the Learning Expedition taking place.

*Learning Expeditions are exclusively for Financial Institution Executives.


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