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  • 12 May

Monday 9:00 AM to Friday 2:00 PM

Learning Expedition in Spain




Learning expedition
  • The Qorus Learning Expeditions are back and the first 2023 journey will take you to some hand-picked Spanish innovation hubs in Madrid and Barcelona
  • Our experts are carefully selecting and choosing the most innovative institutions for you to optimize your visit and get the inspiration you need. And we have a few more aces up the sleeve, that we will announce shortly (yes, we won’t withhold anything!)  

Why attend

Get your refill of inspiration!

From the Innovation Route with CaixaBank, Banco Santander, BBVA, the digitalization journey of Banc Sabadell and...

Enjoy the experiences Spain has to offer!

Enjoy FC Barcelona Innovation Hub and a private visit to the Camp Nou stadium. Take joy...

Increase your network of valuable contacts!

Our networking aperitifs are a great opportunity to do so! The expeditions attract only top-level professionals...

Let us do the rest!

We intentionally limit the number of participants in the groups to facilitate a richer learning experience...


Logo of BBVA Logo of Banco Santander Logo of FC Barcelona Logo of CaixaBank Logo of MyInvestor Logo of Alastria Logo of Pibank Logo of GRUPO BANCO SABADELL Logo of NiCKEL

Key Topics

Next generation of banking

New business models - Selling non-banking products

Customer Experience Obsession mindset

Further leveraging on fintechs

Open banking & embedded finance

Blockchain and digital currencies

New technologies (Metaverse, Quantum, Web 3.0, …)

Digital payments

Innovation Route


profile picture of Blanca Pons Gomar Blanca Pons Gomar Accenture Spain Digital Transformation Associate Director
profile picture of Núria Rocamora Núria Rocamora MyInvestor CEO MyInvestor
profile picture of Dimas Gimeno Alvarez Dimas Gimeno Alvarez Founding partner and Executive President of WOW Concept and Kapita
profile picture of Mónica Correia Mónica Correia NiCKEL CEO Nickel Spain
profile picture of Álvaro Gaviño Gonzalez Álvaro Gaviño Gonzalez BBVA Behavioral Economics Global Leader
profile picture of Pol Navarro Pol Navarro GRUPO BANCO SABADELL Deputy Director, Retail & IT Operations of Banc Sabadell
profile picture of Albert Gonzalez Gamez Albert Gonzalez Gamez InnoCells by Banco Sabadell Senior Manager, Digital Strategy
profile picture of Coty de Monteverde Coty de Monteverde Banco Santander Head of Blockchain
profile picture of Catalina Hernández Serra Catalina Hernández Serra Banco Santander AI strategy and implementations
profile picture of Marina Nogales Marina Nogales Banco Santander Global Head Cyber External Engagement
profile picture of Jaime Astarloa Jaime Astarloa Banco Santander PagoNxt Experience / B2B trade business
profile picture of Juan Jiménez Juan Jiménez Alastria Head of Financial Industry Transformation





The fee does not include hotel accommodation, nor transportation to and from Spain. Full registration fees must be paid prior to the Learning Expedition taking place.
*Learning Expeditions are exclusively for Financial Institution Executives.

€3,900 for Members €4,900 for Non-members
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