• 29 Jun 2023

Thursday 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


Best Practices In Consumer Facing Open Finance / Qorus - Capgemini NewTech Challenge Virtual Ceremony

Open Finance

Financial technology companies that provide financial services directly to consumers have experienced high-speed growth and adoption in recent years thanks to their novel products and services and excellent customer experience, which in many cases has been enabled by open finance. 
During this event we will discuss how open finance has helped shape the consumer fintech industry, what challenges have had to be overcome and which still remain. For example:

How open finance is powering fintechs that can transform the way people manage their money
How open finance is behind increasing personalization in products and services which is particularly important in the areas of lending and budgeting
How open finance is enabling fairer products and services which contribute to increased financial inclusion
The difficulties of using technology provided by third parties and the reliability of APIs
The lack of standardization in open finance across Europe and the issues that presents



profile picture of Olivier Jamault

Olivier Jamault


Innovation Leader

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Sarah Kocianski


Embedded Insurance Community Leader


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