Qorus Banking Innovation Awards 2023 - Winner

Brasupply: an internal e-commerce platform that restructures the purchasing and distribution model of office supplies within the organization

30/07/2023 Banking Innovation


Bradesco revolutionized the way of providing corporate supplies. Through an intuitive e-commerce platform, employees can request essential materials for their day-to-day use, enabling end-to-end tracking and reducing the need for inventory.

Innovation presentation

The project arose from the need of Bradesco Organization's employees at the frontline, who lacked a catalog of materials with real product images, and a more user-friendly way to request materials, similar to an online marketplace such as Magazine Luiza, Mercado Livre, among others. The existing system was not instructional and lacked intuitiveness, with no delivery traceability and manual processes, resulting in a high volume of calls and emails to the responsible department.

The Procurement department is responsible for supplying and distributing materials to over 6,000 service locations, processing more than 35,000 orders annually and delivering more than 165,000 volumes containing various materials, such as self-service products, visual communication items, graphics, office supplies, hygiene, and pantry products.

The innovation involves creating an internal e-commerce system for Bradesco Organization's employees, enabling users to make more accurate acquisitions by providing real product images. With this new system, we now have individual and specialized support for each branch, resulting in operational efficiency (reduction in phone calls and emails), time optimization through centralized supply, handling, and distribution. Additionally, the tracking feature has significantly eased the daily activities of users, further enhancing the overall efficiency.

Uniqueness of the project

A single e-commerce platform designed to serve the entire Bradesco Organization, with the aim of enhancing the user experience through individualized, intuitive, and personalized assistance for each branch. This platform reduces the time spent on making requests, provides full transparency in the material acquisition process, and offers a purchasing portal with order tracking and traceability. Additionally, users can rely on support channels such as online chat, email, and a toll-free number.

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