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Gamificação Liberty Seguros

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13/04/2022 Insurance Innovation


Liberty Seguros' Gamification uses game elements and mechanisms to direct the sales team towards strategy, increase adoption of commercial tools and methods and generate technical and behavioral development in an interactive and fun way. It's the deepest Gamification case on the market.

Innovation presentation

he project added game world elements to our sales team's systems and processes. Elements such as the score bar, levels, badges and many others help make routine tasks a pleasant and motivating experience, in addition to being a great ally in identifying and sharing best sales practices.

The game helps to spread the national, regional and local strategy through missions that are carried out during the month and that are aligned with the company's strategy.

With instant feedback according to sales performance, commercial actions, training, quizzes, real-life missions and various activities, the sales team embarks on a journey of building a team of excellence to harness the full potential of people.

We have the Gamification Awards event that annually recognizes the best players, a high level event that has already become a benchmark for recognition and engagement.

And to keep the game dynamic and up-to-date, we have a committee with representatives from different areas that builds the annual planning of challenges in line with the strategy.

Uniqueness of the project

The project is unique and innovative as it is a deep gamification case that encompasses strategic and tactical activities and the development plan of the commercial team.

The application of Gamification in the insurance market is already a

In the innovation stage, it is more common for these elements to be used in training or operational activities such as a Call Center, but we have extended them and implemented gamification from strategic actions to day-to-day commercial activities such as achieving sales targets, carrying out visits and actions relationship with partners, provide training and develop skills and techniques for their performance.

Another factor that makes the project innovative and unique was the creative process of construction with market studies, research of international gamification cases, selection of consultancy to contribute with Know-How, Ishikawa diagram, Co-creation Workshop and other tools that generate solutions creative and increasing business value.

There is no Gamification case with such a wide range of applications in a sales team and all the technological development was in-house.

The engagement of the commercial team and the results obtained show the success in investing in gamification, we created a robust gamification platform with several game elements, instant feedback, visual elements, communication and engagement strategy.

The platform's flexibility is another point worth mentioning, as it is possible to customize and program various challenges without the need for technological development.

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