Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards 2024

Sherpa.ai Federated Learning Platform

23/01/2024 Insurance Innovation


From Sherpa.ai we have developed a Federated Learning platform that allows companies to improve and enrich their AI models connecting different data silos (even collaborate with third parties) while keeping data always private and local.

Innovation presentation

Sherpa.ai is the first Federated Learning platform that allows companies to gather the full potential of the Artificial Intelligence by allowing to improve and enrich the AI models with different data silos while always keeping the data local and private.

This is a revolutionary technology, as we are already helping to improve the insurance pricing models in the banking industry leveraging on data both from commercial banks and the insurance (which couldn't be shared until now).

We are also helping the insurance sector to improve their AI models connecting the different data silos that exist between the different insurances to improve their cross-selling, pricing and churn rates.

Uniqueness of the project

Instead of the old AI training methodologies where all data needs to be gathered under the same server to be trained. Our platform allows to connect the different nodes (where the data is located, doesn't matter if its on premise, or in cloud) seamlessly, and carry the AI model trainings without sharing any data at all.

This innovation, is bringing AI to a new label, allowing for collaboration both internally and externally.

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