18/04/2024 Insurance Innovation


Gamified professional development program with the objective of developing and strengthening key competencies of BB Seguros professionals, with a focus on achieving professional market certifications, mentoring and practical development actions.

Innovation presentation

Gamified professional development program with the objective of developing and strengthening key competencies of BB Seguros employees. Specific and innovative development actions that address the Company's 5 strategic objectives. The project's methodology covers the following dinamics:

Disclosure of outstanding competence with voting and participation of all employees.

Day of exchange of experience (pocket mentoring) between employees highlighted in a competency X employees with a gap in this same competency. Apoio e incentivo para realização de trilhas de cursos e certificações profissionais de mercado.

Support material is also available, such as the printed Knowledge Passport, a document that helps the company's employee to have a clearer view of where they are positioned and what steps they need to take to advance in their professional development.

In all, 32 practical development options are available to consolidate and sustain the learning of daily professional experiences (70:20:10 learning methodology).

Uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness of the project lies in the award-winning gamification of novel approaches to development. In addition to the conventional formula used by large companies and the BB conglomerate itself to evaluate development through course completion and certification achievement, the Knowledge Academy proposes development through mentoring, which values in-house professionals. It emphasizes practical actions that demonstrate courage and a desire for growth, as well as peer feedback, where highlighted competencies are publicly and notably recognized

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