Unlock the future of mobility

Opportunities and threats facing financial services providers in the mobility revolution

Dive into the latest trends shaping the mobility industry with our new report developed in collaboration with Corporate Value Associates. Gain valuable insights and strategies from global industry leaders to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape.

Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards 2024

The 9th edition is now closed for entries!

Next stop Lisbon on 6 June! Here we will recognize leading innovators in six categories and a Global Innovator of the Year. Winners will witness first-hand the power of innovation to transform insurance as we know it for the better! Did you get your entry in on time? Will you be there?

The AI imperative: The future of frictionless banking

Ready to explore the future of banking powered by AI?

We are thrilled to share insights from our latest report, conducted in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), on the transformative power of AI, ML, and generative AI in the banking sector.

Most recent News & Articles

24/04/2024 Article

Rich rewards in the mobility sector trigger a scramble for scale

To succeed in the mobility business, companies need scale – and they need it fast. Representatives from Spanish financial services firm CaixaBank, vehicle manufacturer Kia in Slovenia and UK online platform provider Finalrentals discuss how they are ramping up their mobility businesses.

Digital Reinvention
24/04/2024 Article

The 2024 Qorus-Infosys Finacle Banking Innovation Awards submission guide

The Qorus-Infosys Finacle Banking Innovation Awards are open for entries until June 21, 2024. Here's a guide to everything you...

24/04/2024 News

CaixaBank Private Banking opens exclusive center in Barcelona

With over €10,300 million in global assets set to be managed from this location, approximately 80 specialists will provide independent...

24/04/2024 News

MAAF Assurances launches "Home Run" experience on Fortnite to promote road safety

With "Home Run," MAAF aims to offer young gamers a unique and entertaining experience while teaching them essential driving skills.

23/04/2024 Interview

Breaking barriers: Banca Widiba's quest for gender equality in finance

Banca Widiba in Italy takes the issue of gender equality very seriously. In fact, its recent study on the subject...

SME Banking
23/04/2024 News

NAB offers free cyber defense to small businesses

NAB, Australia’s largest business bank, is urging small businesses to prioritize cybersecurity, announcing a year of free cyber security software...

23/04/2024 News

Chubb to acquire Healthy Paws, a leading pet insurance provider

Chubb, the global insurance giant, has announced its definitive agreement to acquire Healthy Paws, a U.S.-based pet insurance provider, from...

Most recent Studies & Reports

09/04/2024 Study

Driving forces: The interplay of financial services and the EV sector

The financial services sector and the electric vehicle (EV) sector are two dynamic realms undergoing a significant transformation in today's...

SME Banking
03/04/2024 Study

A bancassurance breakthrough: Nurturing SME relationships through customized insurance products

In this paper, we outline the opportunity bancassurance presents to banks, as well as the key considerations that should be...

Digital Reinvention
21/03/2024 Study

Innovation Radar: Reinvention Awards Europe winners 2024

Discover the most innovative projects from banks and insurance companies in Europe.

SME Banking
20/03/2024 Study

Unleashing SME banking potential with embedded finance: Simplifying financial services to create unprecedented convenience for SMEs

In this paper, we will unravel the key challenges that banks need to address to not only navigate the upcoming...

Latest innovations

24/04/2024 Insurance Innovation

Radar Live & Optimization

Through the integration of our Radar Live tool, a significant step has been taken by enabling the direct integration of...

24/04/2024 Insurance Innovation

Fully immersive - the VR-based insurance advice app. Customers and advisors meet in the Metaverse

By 2016, almost 3 million VR glasses had been sold worldwide. Five years later the amount had increased almost sevenfold....

24/04/2024 Insurance Innovation

TwinTrack Analytics

The Digital Mirror Project, developed in 2023, embarked on a vision to digitize and make trackable the repetitive and labor-intensive...

24/04/2024 Insurance Innovation

OneZurich Workforce Ambassador Module

Background: In 2021, we launched our Employee Ecosystem Initiative (OenZurich) aimed at revolutionizing the digital experience for our workforce. Over...


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Embedded Insurance
16 May 2024
16/05/2024 Coffee

Cybersecurity: The role of the banks and insurance

Examine symbiotic relationships between financial institutions and embedded cybersecurity insurance, emphasizing collaborative efforts against digital risks and cyber threats. This session organized with our partner Allianz Partners, will explore the complexities of cybersecurity within the financial services industry and discuss effective cyber risk management practices. Invited experts will examine how...

30 May 2024
30/05/2024 Coffee

Technology-driven sustainable synergy: Maximizing the Impact of green finance and IT solutions

Discover the powerful synergy between green finance and IT solutions, driving global sustainability through innovative collaborations. Position your organization as a leader in building a greener future by leveraging this dynamic alliance to contribute to a sustainable world.

06 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024
06/06/2024 Conference

Reinvent Forum Lisbon

Reinvent Forum Lisbon - is dedicated to the digital transformation influencing the insurance sector. Our event brings together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to delve into the latest trends and strategies for enhancing customer satisfaction through innovative digital endeavors. Attendees can expect profound insights into the evolving landscape of insurance.

18 Jun 2024
18/06/2024 Coffee

Electric vehicle charging

Future position of insurance in mobility will be shaped by ongoing technological advancements, changing consumer behavior, and evolving regulatory frameworks. One of the key roles of insurance in mobility will be to provide coverage for new and emerging risks associated with the use of new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles...

04 Jul 2024
04/07/2024 Coffee

Climate change and insurance gap

Climate change intensifies the insurance gap, driving a surge in extreme weather events and economic losses. Join our online event to collaborate on building a more resilient future in the face of climate change.

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