NewTech Friday: Doconomy - Using personal finance to tackle climate change

11/02/2020 Interview
profile picture of Nathalie Green

Nathalie Green


Co-founder and CEO

Nathalie Green, the CEO of Doconomy, spoke with Boris Plantier about her company’s origins and their plans to reshape the way consumers think about their daily spending.

What led to the creation of Doconomy?

Doconomy was founded in the fall of 2018 by a group of individuals with the common ambition to do something to tackle climate crises on an everyday basis. Even though the group shared a common dedication and goals, their background was very diverse. The founders came from finance, tech and communication industry. Those backgrounds are easy to find in the Doconomy DNA. Through knowledge and insights people can react and re-act.

The group realized that our everyday consumption was a topic everybody could relate to and most people realize that our way of spending money is more or less harmful to the climate. Doconomy wants to make people more aware of how consumption affects the climate. With more awareness, it’s easier to make more sustainable decisions. Hence a solution to make the impact of consumption visible had to be created.

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