Taking sustainability seriously: Are banks ready?

Sustainability & Regulation
20/04/2022 study

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Financial institutions across the globe are prioritizing sustainability like never before. No longer are mere references to sustainability included in mission statements. Real, impactful initiatives are being acted upon everywhere. Banks that don’t put ESG priorities at the heart of their strategy risk being left behind in a world that demands action. In 2022, sustainability is on the agenda.

For this report, co-produced with Avanade, we spoke with sustainability directors from top financial institutions to gain a deeper understanding from real world practitioners. We asked them about how they are approaching the complicated matter of climate risk, how they are incorporating sustainability into their portfolios, and much more. You will find their answers equal parts illuminating and inspiring.

Along with the interviews, we conducted a global survey of bankers on sustainability matters. Avanade and their climate experts have reviewed the survey results and provided analysis on how these trends are interacting with the world of banking and insurance. Access your copy below for an exclusive ESG snapshot of the financial services sector.

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