NewTech Friday: FintechCashier – Offering a complete payment ecosystem for merchants worldwide

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14/10/2022 Interview
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Shalom Dodoun


Founder and CEO

Shalom Dodoun, founder and CEO of FintechCashier, tells us more about how his firm provides the tools, skills and solutions to facilitate payment services for merchants globally, offering a variety of secured, online and fully managed transactions and settlements.

What led to the creation of FintechCashier?

I have spent more than 15 years working in the payments industry, observing how the traditional banking sector has become less attractive, while the fintech market has emerged as a potential resolution with several innovative technology options and payment solutions. I noticed a gap in the market, the struggle of payment options slowing down business expansion, such as opening bank accounts, trading in foreign currencies, and entering new markets, all factors which slow down business growth. Although there are numerous fintech businesses already operating in the payment industry, none of them offer all solutions in a single package, which is where we intend to position ourselves. By stepping up our effort to offer a complete payment ecosystem powered by cutting-edge technology, FintechCashier hopes to ease businesses' payment restraints and meet all their needs for payments, including those of SMEs, expanding businesses, and enterprises.

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