Intelligent automation fueling digital transformation in banking: Yapi Kredi

Digital Reinvention
24/01/2023 Interview
profile picture of Cemal Enis Ös Cemal Enis Ös Yapi Kredi Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Processes Manager

Is intelligent automation fueling digital transformation in banking? Qorus and UIPath interviewed Cemal Enis Ös, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Processes Manager at Yapi Kredi, to find out more about the subject and what the Turkish bank is doing in terms of intelligent automation.

How big a part does intelligent automation play in your organization’s digital transformation strategy today, and how much will that change in the next two years?

There are 170 processes in which intelligent automation applications are used in Yapi Kredi. Through these automated processes, an average of 23 million transactions and controls take place per month. The development and management of intelligent automation applications is carried out by three teams consisting of 35+ people. 

Intelligent automation technologies are utilized in the bank's sales, operations, quality, compliance and risk, internal control and internal audit functions. They are placed at critical points of the banking processes, ranging from new product release to KYC controls, non-performing product intelligence, fee collections, fraud detection, and financial analysis. 

In the next two years, we are investing in democratizing the production of intelligent automations, training and maintenance of algorithms, in order to produce IA scenarios more widely and faster. We are planning organizational structures in which employees are included in the delivering of IA processes. In this way, the number of business processes in which robots, artificial intelligence algorithms and humans work together and the amount and quality of unit output are increased, and the share of IA projects in the total digitalization program will likewise grow.

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