Cbp Spain is now Kereis Iberia

30/01/2023 Interview
profile picture of Paz Andrada-Vanderwilde Paz Andrada-Vanderwilde Kereis Iberia General Manager Kereis Iberia

Kereis (former Group CEP) has undergone a rebranding process and Cbp Spain is the first international subsidiary to rebrand to Kereis Iberia. Adopting the parent group´s name, acquiring a new international identity and embracing the new corporate strategy are some of changes within this process. Its CEO, Paz Andrada-Vanderwilde, tells us more about it.

With more than 3.5 billion premiums under management in credit protection insurance and more than 15 million life insurance contracts, Kereis Group is one of the leading European companies in the individual insurance brokerage market, payment protection insurance and financial services. With a proven track record of more than 30 years in France and 15 years of solid presence in the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal), Kereis Group also has international footprints in Italy, Germany, Belgium and Austria. Therefore, this international brokerage and financial services group brings Pan-European coverage and solid expertise to our partners represented at every stage of the insurance value chain: product design, distribution, membership, customer relations and claims management, among others.

Cbp Spain has been renamed Kereis Iberia. Why the decision to change the name? And why has the name Kereis been chosen?

In 2020, Bridgepoint, the world’s leading quoted private assets growth investor, took the majority share of our parent company, Kereis. Since last year, Kereis Group has been immersed in a strategic growth process, striking with added value acquisitions such as Minalea, ASSfi, Cegema, Dame Prévoyance, Ça Assure, Entalia, Valorielles, Particeep and Prokonzept, that surely strengthens our global business.

It was the right timing to launch an international transformation through a rebranding process to align the brand, the strategy and the corporate values to the new context. And, in that sense, the Group's Spanish subsidiary (Cbp Spain), together with the recently opened Portuguese branch, is now renamed Kereis Iberia as part of this international rebranding process.

‘Kere’ refers to our bedrock of caring and protection. As one of the leading brokers in personal risk and health, Kereis’ aim is to provide full support to our customers and always offer the best protection in all aspects.

I guess it's not just a name change. What's changing in terms of corporate identity?

Indeed, it is not only a name change. The logotype and visual identity resources have been changed as well. These elements are associated with three fields of action: to be the best companion to our partners, to protect and to accelerate their businesses. 

This new corporate identity not only strengthens the reliable solutions that we have offered to our partners since the beginning, but also reinforces the value proposition we now offer with new products expertise and AI solutions to meet their current needs and challenges.

In addition, Kereis Iberia adopts the new values of the Group as well: Excellence, Audacity, Agility and Closeness. Also, social and environmental responsibility have been added as real drivers of innovation and transformation for our activities, creating value for our current and future stakeholders.

Kereis is paving the way for tomorrow´s insurance. This means we are expanding, growing and evolving. We are offering solid ground to our partners and collaborators, providing full support and digital transformation. We have also opened a physical branch in Portugal to maximize our Iberian operations.

How long did the process take? 

The process started in 2021 when our parent company started the rebranding transformation. That was the kick-off for a progressive transformation of all subsidiaries of the Group, and it is still ongoing. The progressive pace helps ensure a smooth transition for both employees and partners.

Should we also expect changes in terms of product and service offerings?

As for our products and services, Kereis Iberia will continue to ensure partners a wide range of insurance products such as PPI, GAP, individual protection, income protection and warranty extension. With a 360 degree insurance distribution program, Kereis Iberia provides full and tailor-made services with a wide range of support functions: back-office platform, multi-language call center, IT & transformation, conformity, insurer monitoring and business analysis, underwriting, and financial management, among other services allowing us to maximize our customers’ lifecycle.

Essentially, the rebranding process is about enhancing our existing offering with new expertise and support, while ensuring the seamless continuity of our trusted services to our partners. 

How has the new branding been received?

For sure positive things have come from this process.

Kereis is paving the way for tomorrow´s insurance. This means we are expanding, growing and evolving. We are offering solid ground to our partners and collaborators, providing full support and digital transformation. We have also opened a physical branch in Portugal to maximize our Iberian operations. 

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