Innovation radar: Guerrilla banking – Physical distribution without branches

Digital Reinvention
03/05/2023 Study
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Guerrilla marketing is a communication strategy designed for small businesses to promote their products and services in an unconventional way with a low budget. A kind of D-system marketing that can be found in other fields such as banking distribution. Likewise, new innovative methods used by banks to maintain a physical presence without conventional branches could well be dubbed ‘guerrilla banking’.

Indeed, we know the importance of a network of agencies in the notoriety of a brand and in commercial development. This is what makes the strength of the big banks already well established on the market. Faced with these traditional players, small banks, most often online banks, have a hard time making their mark. And obviously, having a branch network is not the ideal solution for them because it implies high costs and it does not correspond to the current needs of most consumers who can carry out the majority if not all of their operations online. But giving up on the idea of launching bank branches does not mean giving up on the idea of a physical distribution network.

Smaller banks have no choice but to be creative in order to break out of the virtual world where their future customers may not see them and offer their existing customers a physical distribution network. It is the only way for them to impose themselves in the daily life of consumers.

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