NewTech Friday: Verra Mobility – Making transportation safer and easier

22/09/2023 Interview
profile picture of Craig Conti

Craig Conti

Verra Mobility

Chief Financial Officer,

US company Verra Mobility is a global leader in smart transportation. Its CFO Craig Conti presents the company and tells us how they focus on smart cities, smart roadways and the connected systems that tie them seamlessly together.

What is the history of Verra Mobility?

Verra Mobility was founded in the late 1980s with a core mission: to improve road safety by changing unsafe driving behaviors. Over the years, the company grew organically and through M&A to expand geographically and into fast-growing transportation markets, such as parking management and tolling and violations management for fleets. What started as a small business in the US has grown into a global, publicly traded firm and a leading provider of smart mobility technology. The company had US$742M revenue in 2022 with adjusted EBITDA of $339M and adjusted EBITDA margin of 46%.

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