TNP and Accompany Consulting forge strategic partnership to expand client base in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East

01/10/2023 News

TNP Consultants and Accompany Consulting have entered into an impactful strategic partnership, underpinned by a substantial equity investment. The primary goal of this collaboration is to provide comprehensive support to their esteemed clientele across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as they navigate the intricate landscape of business, regulatory, and technological transformations. Effective immediately, Accompany Consulting will be known in the market as "Accompany, Member of TNP Group."

TNP's Strategic Objectives in the Partnership:

• Empowering Regulatory and Risk Transformations in Africa: TNP is committed to reinforcing its initiatives in regulatory and risk transformation within the African continent.

• Pioneering a Temenos Solutions Center of Excellence: This partnership is geared towards establishing a center of excellence for Temenos solutions, encompassing Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

• Elevating Digital Competence: TNP aims to fortify its digital capabilities, cementing its role as a catalyst for innovation and transformation within the African ecosystem. The firm has already left a substantial mark in nations like Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, Tunisia, and Gabon, particularly in the realm of core banking systems.

Benoit Ranini, President and Co-founder of TNP, voiced his enthusiasm about this collaborative endeavor, stating, "This partnership with Accompany Consulting signifies a pivotal moment in our firm's evolution and is in perfect alignment with our strategic vision, FIRST 2026. It equips TNP to expand its reach and capabilities across Africa, focusing on significant business, regulatory, and technological transformations. Additionally, it grants us access to cutting-edge expertise in financial services, banking information systems, regulatory compliance, and risk management on the African continent."

From its inception, Accompany Consulting, founded by its four partners, has charted a remarkable trajectory, implementing cutting-edge solutions for over 100 clients within the financial sector. Presently, the firm operates in excess of 25 countries spanning Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, garnering recognition for its prowess in the financial sector.

This partnership presents an avenue for Accompany Consulting to expand its footprint across broader territories in Europe and the Middle East, cultivate fresh expertise, and offer its teams new avenues for professional growth.

Mehdi Gueddas, Managing Partner of Accompany Consulting, commented on the collaboration, stating, "This partnership enables both firms to leverage their complementary skill sets, pool their resources, and tap into their diverse expertise to provide world-class consulting solutions to their clients. TNP brings to the table its extensive experience in operational management and technology consulting, bolstered by a strengthened presence in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Accompany Consulting, on the other hand, boasts a solid track record in supporting digital transformation initiatives and successfully implementing banking, payment, and insurance software across more than 25 countries in Africa."

"The four founding partners of Accompany Consulting remain fully committed to managing and steering the firm, safeguarding the expertise and quality of missions that have fueled Accompany Consulting's success. In this capacity, they will also assume positions within the Management Committee of TNP Africa," added Fathy Trabelsi, TNP Partner, entrusted with overseeing the synergies of this partnership.

This strategic alliance between TNP Consultants and Accompany Consulting marks a significant stride toward their collective mission of catalyzing business excellence and transformation across the African, European, and Middle Eastern landscapes, with a central focus on innovation and regulatory compliance. As these two industry leaders join hands, they stand poised to deliver outstanding consulting services to their esteemed clientele.

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